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One Database = One Profitable Builder!

MARK SYSTEMS' single database home builder software helps residential builders stay profitable in every economic climate.

Donald Scattergood

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of One Database = One Profitable Builder!

One Database =
One Profitable Builder!

ROI - the Bottom Line
Now more than ever, home builders
need to do more with less:
Increase production to meet demand, with
Reduced staff, while
Maximizing quality and cycle times
How? Through Leverage -
The right tool can let you build more houses,
more quickly, with fewer personnel.
MARK SYSTEMS' Integrated Homebuilder Management System is just that tool. IHMS lets you instantly and transparently share critical business knowledge between every single team member, regardless of location.
IHMS - Enterprise from Anywhere
Support for every person & every process:
Prospect Tracking / CRM
Multi-company accounting
Purchasing / Estimating
Sales Configuration
Critical Path Scheduling
Field Operations
Vendor Portal
One Database - Multiple Access Points
MARK SYSTEMS' IHMS is the homebuilding industry's ONLY single database enterprise software. What does this mean?
Every team member has instant, transparent access to the business knowledge they need to get the job done right, the first time
User interface is tailored to the team member and the job at hand
Internet delivery let's team members work whenever, wherever
One data location, worldwide access
House configuration is reflected directly from sales
into job cost, purchasing, scheduling, warranty
Trade partners know what they're supposed to do,
when they're supposed to do it, and when they've been paid
LEED Checklists, Quality Certification,
Linked directly to schedules, trades, builders
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