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Peer mentoring at NLCS Jeju

No description

Dan Furness

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Peer mentoring at NLCS Jeju

Peer mentoring at NLCS Jeju
This is how we do it........
Peer Mentoring
Lunchtime Duties
Child Safeguarding Committee
1-2-1 Mentoring
Anti-Bullying Action Group (A-BAG)
Junior School Reading
Homework Support
- 1 hour a week for 6 months.
- Confidential (but reports concerns
to DSL or you!)
- Involves a match up.
- More informal than formal.
- Meet once a week.
- Design methods to combat
bullying in your school.
- Eg. Surveys, year 7 camps,
'granny police', culture weeks,
reviewing and publicising policy.
- Online support.
- Website design.
- Potential use of SNS.
- More PR!
- Once a week.
- Group reading support to
students in year 5-6.
- 2, 15 minute slots.
- For us this has been support for 30 to 60 mins in boarding houses during prep but could be in the form of after-school or lunchtime clubs.
- (It's not doing the work for them.....)
- This can be like a hall monitor,
it supports what staff you
have on duty.
- Once a half term.
- Student voice in safeguarding.
-An active aspect of decision making.
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