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Do you have the e factor? WPEE Rebecca Ellis

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Rebecca Ellis

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Do you have the e factor? WPEE Rebecca Ellis

As a position as senior sales administrator, EI helped me to increase my ability to work well with my colleagues and help them in situations where we were working under pressure. This helped to achieve goal, such as to effectively close up the shop floor in the evening.

In a volunteering position I was able to use my EI to help me work with other volunteers, ensuring that everyone was happy with the decisions that were being made to ensure there was a reduction in any potential conflict. The most common form of Emotional Intelligence (EI) was proposed by Salovey and Mayer (1990), defining EI as a set of cognitive abilities allowing a person to understand their own emotions as well as those of others. Emotional Intelligence Recent research has found that EI is valuable in the workplace, often showing more relevance than the traditional type of intelligence. EI encompasses people’s abilities to deal with each other along with an increased ability to understand other emotions. This enables a work place to become more productive, with workers supporting each other and working towards common goals.

It can therefore be seen that EI is fundamental to ensure an effective workplace environments, with workplaces lacking EI resulting in an unproductive and conflicting environment.

EI is taken into consideration in the recruitment process, as workers shown with higher EI often produce better results, therefore implementing this factor in recruitment ensures that an effective work team is in place from the very first stage. Individual Characteristics A number of different personal attributes account for individual difference in the workplace, such as a persons ability, allowing a range of abilities in one workplace resulting in an effective team.

These individual differences can explain a number of implications in the workplace from differences in job satisfaction and motivation to a person ability to work as a team and also creatively. The importance of TeamWork Do I have the 'e' factor? Employability is made up of a number of aspects, each contributing to the likelihood of attaining your dream job Innovation and Creativity Promoting Creativity and innovation In a workplace there needs to be an availability to change, to allow for new ideas to be put forward A positive organisational culture will also help to promote freedom of expression The willingness to change by employees is a fundamental factor as without the engagement of employees innovation and change will not be as effective What are they? My experience of teamwork Using my innovation
and creativity Putting Emotional Intelligence to use My individual characteristics in the workplace A bit about me... Rebecca Ellis World Duty Free -
Sales Advisor: 6 months Girl Guides-
Adult Leader: 2 years Sheffield Hallam University-
Psychology: 2 years Next-
Sales Advisor: 2 years
Administator: 1 year Effectiveness of a business is often dependent on an individual’s ability to interact as part of a team. A number of studies have shown how outcomes in a business are far better when people work as part of a team rather than alone, all with similar interests and working towards a common goal. A number of benefits that can arise from teamwork are;
Accomplishing the task at a faster pace
Meeting targets
Work doesn’t suffer at the absence of one staff member, as the team can pick up any shortfall
Team members have varying qualities and therefore can gain from one another
Working as a team towards the sale period to ensure the shop floor is ready for opening

Working alongside other volunteers to organise activities

Leading a team on an evening shift to ensure we helped each other to close the store on time and effectively complete all the end of day tasks. Team working was a fundamental element to all my previous work and volunteering experience; Creativity is the generation of new and useful ideas... and innovation is the implementation of these ideas into the workplace

Innovation is very important in the workplace as it helps to introduce change and adaptability in competitive environments. This helps a business to strive towards success and move forward. Throughout my job roles in retail I have been required to use my creativity in:

Planning the layout of the shop floor, and deciding where certain garments look best

Using my creativity to encourage staff members to comply to certain rules, such as through approaching them in different ways like posters and meetings

Putting ideas into practice with Girl Guides to create educational but fun activities As an individual I feel that I have a motivated and passionate approach to any work that I engage in and this therefore helps me to work effectively in the workplace. I also have a very positive attitude which I feel can help me to approach any situation, always looking for the best outcome and overcoming any problems that may arise along the way.
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