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Heaven and Hell

No description

rob van der ven

on 20 March 2016

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Transcript of Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell
In Christianity the church used the ideas of heaven and hell to behave in their way.
This worked very well till the end of the middle ages, with the renaissance people started to think for themselves.
The idea of Heaven: a perfect place where everything and everyone is beautiful and good.
And the idea of Hell: the place for everything and everyone bad evil and scary.
Hieronimus Bosch (1450-1516)lived on the edge of the middle ages and the renaissance. He was a painter like his father and brother. He used his vivid imagination to create images of heaven as well as hell.
In his "heaven", the biblical story is still rather traditional. The classic idea of heaven, with green meadows, where everyone lives together in peace. Nudity as a symbol for innocence and honesty.

His "hell" is more his own imagination. The bible does not give too much detail on this place.
He shows numerous weird creatures that devour humans. Here nudity is mostly being helpless. Sexuality is also shown here as something bad and evil.
He does however seem to have a lot of images available to picture this horrific place.
In daily life there must be enough evil around to form there images.
Salvador Dali
Francisco Goya
Georg Baselitz
In the last lessons you have done up some experience in using your wildest imagination.

El Greco
The Dutch painter Melle
(Melle Johannes Oldeboerrigter (1908-1976) shows a Jeroen Bosch like fantasy in his creation of odd creatures.
This assignment step by step:
- create at least 1 sheet with heaven occupying creatures (minimum of 8 separate creatures)
- Create a similar sheet of hell inhabitants.

- Use a large sheet for your final piece.
The left half is going to be YOUR Heaven,
the right half YOUR Hell.
- Create a landscape fitting both scenes
- fit at least 4 creatures in each half

- Colour in your picture with either pencil or posterpaint.

You need to hand in your final work together with your heaven and hell habitants sheets
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