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The Most Dangerous Game

No description

nathalie flores

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game
by: Richard Connell

Introduction (:
In the beginning of the book it took place in Rio De janeiro On a yacht.
Later on in the story, it took place on an island, most of the story took place here.
Sanger Rainsford: an expert hunter
General Zaroff: retired professional hunter
Ivan: a deaf security guard/butler
whitney: passenger of the yacht

Rising Action
In the story there are several conflicts such as:
Man vs.himself-Rainsford experiences a great internal conflict in The Most Dangerous Game; Should he stay on the island and possibly be killed by the general, or leave the island and try to survive on his own?
Man VS. Man-General Zaroff forces Rainsford to become his prey in a three day hunt. Animals bore him now, they have become to easy of a game, so he has resorted to hunting the only species that could match his own wits: humans.
Kat Estrada
Nathalie Flores
Jasmin Medina
Wendy Perez
Gaby Chacon
Rainsford is in the jungle hiding from general Zaroff and his hounds, Zaroff knows where Rainsford is hidden,but does not kill him because he finds this hunting game amusing. Rainsford sets up a trap to kill Zaroff but instead hunts down Ivan.
Exposition Continue
Rainsford falls off his yacht when trying to hear where the gunshots came from, so he swims to the shore of an island and soon finds civilization
He meets general Zaroff in the island and he proposes to play a 'humanistic' hunting game.
The climax is when Rainsford injures General Zaroff by using a trap that he created called the Maylay-mancatcher.
Rainsford defeats General Zaroff in their final war. Before they battle, they agree that one of them "is to furnish a repast meal for the hounds. The other will sleep in this very excellent bed."
This means that one of them will become the hounds food and the other will become the ruler of the island.
Survival of the fittest
These connect to the story because the competition between both Rainsford and general Zaroff could only be won if their methods were evidently more compelling than one another.
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