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Harbor House of Central Florida

No description

Hazel Ortiz

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Harbor House of Central Florida

Harbor House of Central Florida
Harbor House of Central Florida is a non-for-profit organization
that protects people who have been victims of domestic
violence, educates people about it, and how to prevent it.
Since 1976, their mission has been to "prevent and eliminate domestic abuse in Central Florida by providing critical life-saving services to survivors, implementing and advancing best practices, and educating and engaging the community in a united front" (Harbor House of Central Florida). Thanks to this type of organizations and the knowledge that they provide for the people about domestic violence, Americans, especially women, have been able to save their lives.
Where are they located at?
Harbor House of Central Florida has its administration office in Orlando,FL.

P.O. Box 680748
Orlando, Fl. 32868
When were they founded?
Harbor House of Central Florida has been in operation
"this life saving program has been in
operation for 34 years and is the only State certified
domestic violence shelter in Orange County"(Harbor
House of Central Florida). This organization is one of
the greatest partners that law enforcement agencies in the Central Florida region have. Since its inception, police department have referred scores of cases to the Harbor House. In cases of domestic violence, law enforcement hand the victims a domestic violence rights and remedies pamphlet that includes the Harbor House as a reference.The non-for-profit organization's current CEO/ Executive Producer is Carol Ann Wick.
Where are they located?
When were they founded?
Why should people support their efforts?
How can people support the charity?
Domestic Violence is an issue humanity has been facing over the years. Organizations like Harbor House of Central Florida have given shelter, safety, and education about this topic to victims. This non-for-profit organization was created for one particular reason: to stop domestic violence. Society must unite for this cause and help STOP domestic violence. You never know if the next victim could be you...
Why people should support their efforts?
How can people support the charity?
People can support the charity by donating money, personal care and hygiene products, miscellaneous needs, or cleaning needs. On the other hand, one can initiate a fund raising campaign.
"With thousands of survivors seeking ... for emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy and more, there’s a lot of work to do! That’s why we need people like you to join us in our mission to end domestic abuse. Whether you donate your birthday, plan a crazy fundraiser or run a marathon, your unique way of giving will protect children, give families hope and save lives" (Harbor House of Central Florida).
By helping Harbor House raise money or by giving them donations, a great contribution is being made for all those, including children, that have been victims of domestic violence.
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Name: Hazel M. Ortiz
CRN: 31811
Assingment: Prezi Presentation
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