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Enviromental Issue

No description

Vivianne Assor

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Enviromental Issue

By Vivianne Assor and Alexandra Fincheltub
Enviromental Issue
Coral Reefs are disappearing all around the world.
What is the Issue?
The issue is that 10% of the world's coral reefs have been completley destroyed and 70% are in the process of dying. Only 5% are set to be in good condition.
Who says this issue exists?
What are the ramifications of this issue?
The ramifications of this issue is that coral reefs are like the rain forest of the seas. Coral reefs benefit the enviroment and people in many ways. They protect shore with the impact of waves and storms, provide benefits to humans in the form of food and medicine, and they provide economic benefits to local communities from tourism. Without these coral reefs, over 4,000 species of fish and 10,000 species of coral will die.
What can stop this issue?
We can take better care of our ocean and the coral reef. We cannot over fish, try to stop polluting so much, and move our coastal development up to other areas.
The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) says that this is one of the world's major nature crises.
Does anyone say this doesn't exist?
No, because proof and scientist observations of this catastrophe had been proven many times in the past decades.
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