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Searching engines

Vann diagram

Miriam Ramirez Hermosillo

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of Searching engines

Meta Search Engines Subject Directories Search Engines What exactly is Meta Search Engine? Meta Search Engine is a search tool that extracts the information from other search tools They give you the information you requested with the link next to it Meta Search Engines is like a branch of the search engines Examples: What exactly are Search Engines? Search engines are programs that search for the specific wording or phrase that you request They are very popular and are regularly used They look for information on the World Wide Web In search engines, researches that take are very specific and detailed are called queries Queries include and exclude certain phrases as well as other things Examples What are Subject Directories? A subject directory can be described as a catalog You can find catalogs and news articles there as well as other specific document. Subject directories are created by people and they grow when other people add information to their webpage You cannot find a certain link or certain information Examples So now, what are the similarities between them? Subject Directories and
Meta Search Engines Search Engines and
Meta Search Engines Search Engines and
Subject Directories They both depend on
the Search Engines They can both gather information
by relying in the Search Engines Search Engines can also gather
some information that is posted in the subject directories Final Conclusion:
There are different search engines that help you find the exact information that you are looking for So don't close your mind
to just using one search engine
when you can use many others!
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