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Cover Letter & Proofreading CP

Cover Letter with a focus on proofreading for CP training.

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Cover Letter & Proofreading CP

Stay Connected
Burnaby . Surrey . Vancouver

Clarity in Content
Tips and tricks
for engagement
Use candy and prizes
Develop a theme
Plan an activity
Providing tips
It is important to understand basic grammar for proofreading purposes
Many students may have English as an additional language
Expectation: be able to point out students’ grammar errors and equip students with proofreading techniques - you DON'T have to proofread a document for them
Importance of grammar
Analyze this paragraph for grammar using the tips we've reviewed and brainstormed. In what grammar areas does this student struggle most?
Cover Letter Content
Step 1: Analyze the cover letter using four different highlighters:

1st highlighter
: Intro paragraph – highlight what about job interests the writer

2nd highlighter
: Body paragraph – highlight opening sentence of each body paragraph

3rd highlighter
: Body paragraph – highlight all the evidence that supports opening
sentence of body paragraph

4th highlighter
: Conc paragraph – highlight why they would be a good fit for the job

Write in clear paragraphs to demonstrate written communication skills
First sentence of each paragraph expresses a main idea
All following sentences should support that idea
One skill per paragraph (be concise)
STAR and CARE methods help to communicate one skill per paragraph
Bring your focus back to the benefit of the organization (BBB)
Importance of Proofreading
It's the difference between covering a shit and covering a shift!
Proofreading will reduce unnecessary errors
Can improve your writing over time
Allow one to experience their work as both writer and reader
Shows to the reader that you care about what you are writing

Cover Letters
What are tips you could give a student for proofreading? How do you proofread?
Before you proofread
When you proofread
Be sure you've revised the larger aspects of your text
Set your text aside for a while between writing and proofreading
Eliminate unnecessary words before looking for mistakes
Know what to look for (what are your most common errors?)
Work from a print out, not a screen
Read out loud
Use a blank sheet of paper to cover up the lines below the one you're reading
If using a computer, use the search function to find mistakes you're likely to make
If you're unsure about a sentence, say "is it true that (your sentence)" out loud to listen for issues
For more proofreading help
If English is not your student's only language, encourage them to pick a topic they find interesting and read articles about it in English. Then, encourage them to write a blog, write in a journal, or converse with a friend in English about what they read. This can help improve language skills over time.
Student Learning Commons can help with ACADEMIC writing only, so tell your student to go to the SLC with an academic paper to learn more about grammar (which they can then transfer to their cover letters)
Refer them to apps like Grammarly for spelling, Voice to text for clarity and the SLC online writing resources
Ask a colleague, friend or relative with professional work experience for advice
Active voice: the subject performances an action on an object
Ex. Tom (subject) writes (verb) a letter (object).

Passive voice: the object comes first in the sentence
Ex. A letter (now the subject) was written (passive verb) by Tom. (performer of action).

Active vs. Passive Voice
1) Spelling errors - i acn't come to the meeting
2) Syntax errors (structure) - Come, can't to the meeting is I
3) Semantic errors (word misuse)- I can't meat with you today
The Types of Grammar Errors
Voice Activity
Get into pairs, and take turns describing what you did this morning using only passive tense. This might be difficult, and it will definitely be awkward, so good luck!
Three Focuses of Proofreading
Professional word choice

Step 2: Underline similarities between the cover letter and job description

*Most tips from SLC resources
Cover Letter Demo
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