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Tone Words Project

Vocabulary that determines tone

LaRoy Filmore

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of Tone Words Project

Tone Words...(: allusive childish comic! fatalistic submission to a belief or fate immature not knowing any better EARTHY someone or something that creates laughter...LOL.:p containing full allusions real, natural...comes from nature philosophical relation to philosophy, reasonable and very wise irreverent Mocking, in a way, lacking respect of quality piece of work. detour Romantic not a "bad romance"... But,it is expressive love affair, relation to romance Persuasive power to have a change in someone's opinion or belief about something Where are we?... vehement intensity, desire, of emotion metophorical one thing representing another; a symbol Sardonic sarcastic quality, beyond sarcastic, close to the tense of cruel sarcasm whimsical typically playful, colorful, abmormal or unusual Lyrical deep, personal emotion enthusiastic convoluted difficult to complete, complex North East West archaic very old or ancient more of this nature out of date austere uncomfortable, very tense depressing...): joyless, ultimate sadness cynical selfishness at its best ambiguous possibilty, not certain detached apart from, unattached erudite highly educated, keen since of knowledge eulogistic...-_- a memorial speech, kind words breezy fresh, and cool with the wind insolent boldly rude These are some words that have style,tone,and determines the mood
...to support the author's purpose...(:
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