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1957 Rocked

No description

Susan Baker

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of 1957 Rocked

June 8,1957 Rocked
My Name

means "lily" or lotus
English version of Sousanna which comes from the Hebrew and Egyptian language.
Famous People born on my birthday.
Characteristics:basically I am a peacemaker
June 8,1944 musician Boz Scaggs

June 8, 1940 Nancy Sinatra, singer

June 8, 1933 comedian, Joan Rivers

June 8, 1944 actor Don Grady

June 8 ,1978 rapper Kanye West

June 8,1926 former first lady, Barbara Bush

Joan Rivers:

Lets learn more about...
Daughter of Russian immigrants,she was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky.
She attended Barnard College where she became interested in performing.
Her big break in comedy came in 1965 on the Johnny Carson Show. She went from being working in stores as buyer to having her own television shows .
Sadly Ms.Rivers passed away in 2014
Famous 1st of 1957

Althea Gibson becomes the 1st African-American woman to win Wimbledon Tennis Championships.
Laika, the dog, first living creature to orbit the Earth on Sputnik 2 a Russian Satellite.
And The Oscar goes to.....

Best Picture
: The Bridge On The River Kwai
Directed By David Lean
Best Actor
: Alec Guinness
in The Bridge On The River Kwai
Best Actress
: Joanne Woodward
in The Three Faces Of Eve
The President:
Dwight Eisenhower
Governor of Massachusetts
Christian Herter
The Cost of Things
Bread: $0.19/loaf
Milk: $1.00/gal
Eggs: $0.83/doz
Car: $2,100
Gas: $0.31/gal
House: $18,000
Avg Income: $5,443/yr
Min Wage: $1.00/hr

Milk:$3.75 to $6.00
Car: +$18,000
Gas:$2.30 +/-
Hot New Toys in 1957
Radio Flyer "Radio Rancher"
Tonka Trucks

Young Love
by Tab Hunter

Love Letters In the Sand
by Pat Boone

April Love
by Pat Boone

by Jimmie Rodgers

All Shook Up
by Elvis Presley

Wake Up Little Susie
by Everly Brothers

Jailhouse Rock
by Elvis Presley

Teddy Bear
by Elvis Presley

by Debbie Reynolds

You Send Me
by Sam Cooke
Music in 1957
Sports in 1957
World series Champions:Milwaukee Braves

NBA :Boston Celtics

Professional Football: Detroit Lions

College Football: Auburn and Ohio State (Poll)

College Basketball: North Carolina

NHL:Montreal Canadiens
Weather on June 8,1957
Temperature: 65 degrees
This is me
My favorite is
Perry Mason
(courtroom drama)
Love watching old black and white shows
Leave it to Beaver

Alfred Hitchcock Presents


Perry Mason

The Ed Sullivan Show

Favorite TV shows of
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