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Companionship and Story Telling

Film and media project

Jackie Carpenter

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Companionship and Story Telling

Companionship -noun A fellowship existing among companions love understanding Benefactors In "Big Fish," Edward makes many friends along his path in life. Many of these people are considered his "companions." He uses storytelling to make new relationships such as one with his son's wife, Josephine. Edward tells many stories in "Big Fish" about
the love of his life, his many odd adventures
and how his life came to be. In the end, his hyperbolic
story telling links him to his estranged son who finally
understands the importance of story telling and how it makes
a person live forever through their stories.
In "Secondhand Lions," Walter goes to stay with Hub and Garth.
A relationship is created between Walter and the two old men through Garth telling stories about Hub's past life. Walter sees Hub and Garth in a new light.
Edward tells his son Will stories his whole life. Will starts to resent
his father for telling him "lies" his whole life. Edward feels that everything he says is the truth, but Will calls Ed a liar. In the end, Will decides that the embellished stories his father tells makes him special and immortal in a sense. Walter needs a companion when his mother
leaves him with her uncles while she attends
"college." No matter where life takes us, we always seem to make
companions, as Walter does with Garth and eventually
Hub. Walter warms up to the two old men as they are humanized
through Garth's storytelling. Storytelling One who tells stories; a narrator of anecdotes,incidents, or fictitious tales; as, an amusing story-teller. -Verb "That was my father's final joke, I guess. The man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him. And in that way, he becomes immortal."
-Will Bloom In this clip, you can see that Walter has gained a new kind of relationship between he and his uncles through the telling of this story. This article is about a man's story of survival. In the end, Will finally realizes that
his father's stories made them closer. This poem represents story telling and the link he makes between the audience and himself while telling his story. In "The Great Escape," there are many companions
that help each other out, such as the claustrophobic man in the tunnel. His friend helps him through
the whole experience. The End
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