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Facebook as a Heterotopia

No description

kayla goggin

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Facebook as a Heterotopia

Facebook: A Heterotopia Facebook is: 1. A space that juxtaposes other spaces

2. Exists with a non-hegemonic structure

3. Has elements of inaccessibility or isolation

4. Timeline feature allows us to see developments over time

5. Always relates back to physical reality, yet the fabricated nature of the environment never lets you forget the site is a sort of illusion The Newsfeed "A space that juxtaposes other spaces" Accessibility and Inaccessability Within A Non-Hegemonic Structure A Heterotopia of Time Facebook as Illusion Kayla Goggin
Charlie Stravinsky Bibliography "Heterotopian Studies." Heterotopian Studies.
http://www.heterotopiastudies.com/ (accessed February 11, 2013). Foucault, Michel. "Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces
(1967), Heterotopias.." Michel Foucault, info. Repository of texts, resources for research.. http://foucault.info/documents/heteroTopia/foucault.heteroTopia.en.html (accessed February 10, 2013).
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