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Holbeck Urban Village: Urban development as global communication

International Communications

Luis Ouriach

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Holbeck Urban Village: Urban development as global communication

Click anywhere & add an idea Urban Regeneration as
Holbeck Urban Village Luis -Attracting
business -Local voice -Imagery Website Analysis Luis
Logo Bella Iconography
Globalised personality Cultural Policy Greg decline of industry
and rise of activism

implementing cultural policy in
urban regeneration

a shift from social to economic concerns Aesthetics Charlie Creative Classes heritage and identity

'cultural recoding'

'palimpsest' aesthetic of
globalism events for innovators

economic importance of creative classes

using local cultural agents

HUV's globalist intention is apprent through its
strategy, emulating/resembling projects like EMSCHER PARK, Kreutzberg BERLIN, Manufatura delle Arte

issues of gentrification

'HUV is outdated' because it 'is an artificial construct for a concept site' Susan Williamson

based on the organic development of Hoxton ‘Urban regeneration schemes are long term projects dependent on cycles of investment that make it difficult to assess when a project is finished' or successful. THANK YOU! constructing a global economically viable ‘district’
solving the problem of the area Cristina ‘Infrastructure is no longer a response to need but a strategic weapon in the competitive global arena’
Rem Koolhaas, The Generic City ‘Today, the terms of competition revolve around a central axis: a nation’s ability to mobilize, attract and retain human creative talent.’
Robert Florida, The Flight of the Creative Class
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