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The growth process of Kathy & Lily

No description

Anisa Burke

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of The growth process of Kathy & Lily

The growth process of Kathy & Lily
Anisa Burke



January 9th, 2015

Stage 3: Experience growth and maturity
Kathy: " most important we demonstrate to the world that if students were reared in humane, cultivated environments, it has passive for them to grow to be as sensitive and Intel as any ordinary human being before that all clones- or students as we preferred to call you- existed only to supply medical science"Pg261.

Lily: " All this love coming to me. I didn't know what to do with it. I wanted to say,
I love you, too. I love you all
. The feeling rose up in me like a column of wind, but when it got my mouth, it had no voice, no words. Just a lost of air and longing."Pg243. [ . . .] "all these mothers.I have more mothers than any eight girls of the street. They are the moons shinning over me "Pg302.
Stage 2: The Sacrifices and the journeys began
Kathy: "it had took a little while after of course but the whole things had been set in motion and i was suddenly looking at everything - the cottages, everybody there in a different light, i was now one of the ones leaving and soon enough everyone knew it " Pg206.

Lily: " In a matter of seconds i knew exactly what i had to do---
leave. I had to get away from T.Ray, who was probably on his way back this minute to do Lord-knows-what to me. Not to mention I had to get Rosaleen out of Jail. "Pg41.
Kathy H. ( Protagonist) is a 30 year old clone who works as a career
takes place in a dystopian United Kingdom, where disease has been eradicated
She grows up in a boarding school called hailsham Until she becomes a teen and moves to the cottages where all the teens live.
Kathy grows up having two friends Ruth and Tommy
As Kathy grows older she leaves hailsham only to retrun and become a career there
Stage 1: The void that Kathy and Lily feel
Kathy: "Thinking back now i can see we're just at the age when we knew a few things about ourselves about who we were, how we were different from our guardians , from the people outside but hadn't yet understood what any of it meant" Pg36.

Lily: "My mother died when i was four years old. It was a fact of life,but if i brought it up, people would suddenly get interested in their hangnails and cuticles, or else distant places in the sky, and seem not to hear me. Once in a while though, some caring soul would say " Just put it out your mind, Lily. It was an accident. You didn't mean to do it."[ . . . ]" mother, forgive. Please forgive". " Pg3.

Thesis statement
The protagonist Lily from the secrete life of bees and Kathy from Never let me go both demonstrate a similar comin of age story through stages of feeling void, going on adventures and coming to terms with life.
kazuo ishiguro
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