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Tales of the spider web queen

EDCMOOC digital artifact for week 5 project

Rozalia Zeibeki

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Tales of the spider web queen

A hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy ... Tales of the spider Web Queen Once upon a time she came
searching for the truth
"spider web queen" was her name
early in her youth she was greeted with respect
soon she rose to fame
much was surely to expect
from this bashful dame Years and decades came to pass
through persistence spun her way
little humans now alas
have more than ever fallen prey Although the advantages of the social media revolution are indisputable, looming thoughts have arisen at the same time, especially when it comes to children using this labyrinth of information. UTOPIA The Internet soon dominated all forms of human communication and media. The so called social media went from"hype" to daily habit and millions of people from all edges of the planet can now connect to each other in a matter of seconds. During the Cold War period,
a message is sent over ARPANet, what later came to be known as the predecessor of the Internet. Future students consumed with vast amounts of knowledge empowered by high-tech classroom equipment seems ideal at first. DYSTOPIA T A such as Internet addiction or exposure to inappropriate material Is this what we are really after? One begs to differ; you see we are humans; and machines can only go so far as to promote efficiency in learning not substitute learning itself. or is that what we truly seek? I can see MOOCs being the answer to future education - it's something about the massiveness of the people that learn from one another that puts the technology craze in the background. Learning must always come first - not its instruments. and so the spider queen got caged

as human law saw proper

she gave her web a desperate gaze

as if silver turned to copper.
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