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Unit 30: Advertisement Production for Television: Part 1

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Chandra Khan

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Unit 30: Advertisement Production for Television: Part 1

Advertisement workbook presentation.
Unit 30: Advertisement Production for Television: Part 1
What is advertising?
Music and sound Effects
Advertising is a communication of promoting a product or service to a specific targeted audience. This effective way of influencing the audience to purchase the product/service is a frequent device for major organizations as they can easily explain the purpose of their product by publishing their commercials though television to national or international audiences. Therefore it is essential to promote the product's information as intended in order to encourage the audience to take action towards the product. Furthermore, another vital instrument for using advertising for major organizations is due to marketing purposes.
Product Image Format
Expert endorsement or statistical proof advert are purposely constructed to explain and convince the audience of the importance of the product,. In this Sensodyne advert we have an expert opinion and statistical facts presented by a short video reconstructing the purpose of the product on the tooth, modeling to the viewer of the significance of the product as opposed to other competitors in the market, specifically focusing on the pain-relief effect on sensitive teeth, making it a very successful piece of advertisement.
Expert Endorsement or Statistical Proof
Lifestyle fantasy allows the viewer to imagine perhaps a desirable lifestyle which is presented in many adverts to entice and arouse the audience, making them fantasize a wealth of luxury and indulgence. This will reflect the product, mirroring a extravagant and luxurious product which is specially explored in this Ferrero Rocher advert, featuring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in a series of adverts to excite the viewer with a adventurous storyline within the advert.
Lifestyle Fantasy
This form of advertisement aids the consumer to automatically remember the product/service if done successfully through the invention of catchy lyrics produced by the company or memorable sound effects. This massively successful commercial is a great example of that, it has a clear strategy of target audience, ingenuity of a creative but simple concept and the execution of the performance within the commercial is immensely brilliant as although it is irritating to older audiences, it still entertained little children, making them automatically remember the commercial, as well making them sing along to the company's simple lyrics. This then reminds parents of the car insurance advert, making it a very successful advert to date despite recent commercials. from the company.
Print Advertising: Newspaper
Newspaper is a popular medium for print media as it reaches a wider market and specifically targets audiences to purchase a product/service in the newspapers section of advertising. In addition, newspapers often sell available advertising space daily, ranging from small companies for local community to renowned big organizations for national coverage purposely for getting the interest of targeted customers. The most frequent advertising news are as follows; products on sale, movie posters promoting openings, great deals on broadband services and job listings.
Adverts have three basic characteristics. Name them.
The three characteristics of advertising are as follows:
Strategy – a structure of plan for a specific targeted audience
Creativity – the ingenuity of ideas
Execution – the performance of the commercial
Product Information Format
Product Information Format is illustrated throughout with fact-based text which helps to assist the customer to purchase the product/service solely due to the effectiveness of the advert and the proven facts provided because companies are not allowed to deceive or mislead consumers with misinformation's. The content of this product consists of an experiment with an example of how a person's teeth looked like before and after as demonstrated on screen alongside with information that's committed to improve health and eliminate plaque and dirt. This form of advert usually consists of expert opinions, diagrams and statistics which helps to persuade the viewer that the product/service is committed to do as promised therefore, the purpose of the product/service is emphasized in the advert by explaining to the viewer the main functions, benefits and characteristics of the product/service.
Lifestyle Format
Lifestyle format portrays a desired style of living whether it being an ordinary or fantasy one its main purpose is to still sell an idea which will succeed in attracting the attention of the target market and persuading them to purchase the product. In addition, the surroundings of the commercial will help to assist in influencing the viewer to 'buy' into the lifestyle dream. For example, the energetic atmospheric environment in Gillette Venus commercial entices a dream of a stylish, glamorous and classy lifestyle which ordinary people aspire to at least once in a lifetime and this commercial allows them to vision a lifestyle that is seen as an attractive, beautiful and picture perfect lifestyle.

This commercial specifically aims to empower women as represented by world famous Jennifer Lopez, she symbolizes a powerful, dominant and successful woman which everyone women aspires therefore, it is only fitting that she demonstrates this figure through her own lifestyle. What make this a powerfully strong commercial are the lines "reveal the
in you", this is beautifully stunning in the eyes of the viewers as she feels wonderful, powerful and sexy and this reflects the product's image of every women or the desire of every women. Therefore, the profession of the advertiser is to achieve the products' image through a limited amount of time, which will help to produce the overall impression of the product for this very specific target market.
What different forms of advertising can you identify?
There various forms of advertising and they include:
Electronic Advertising: Television
Television is the most successfully influential form of medium for electronic media and more popular than print media as it appeals to the interest of targeted customers worldwide. Additionally, it is also important to note that it is the most expensive form of advertising, particularly during prime times as there are more people watching television then as opposed to night/morning times as there are fewer people watching the adverts during break times. This is due to the structure of the programming schedules as it differs to the night/morning times because it is more efficient to supplement advert breaks during the day as opposed to throughout the entire day.
What is USP?
Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point is a method for marketing a
product/service to an
audience. Additionally, it should also
explain to the viewer why the product/service differs from other establishments. For example, Cadbury's Dairy Milk commercial has certain elements of Willy Wonka characteristic such as aspects of adventure, and the sense of a thrill ride makes the viewer believe that the purpose of the commercial's journey is worth-while. The 'secret keeper' insists to the explorer that it is the creamiest chocolate there is and thus is emphasized throughout the advert which also reflects the creativity of the commercial in comparisons to other chocolate commercials. The unique selling proposition is seen in the very beginning of the commercial so as to keep the viewer's attention on the product before being welcomed into the journey of 'Joyville'.
Personalized Format
Flattering Words
This form of advertising is purposely structured to involve the viewer into the words perfectly embroiled in the advert. These 'flattering words' should entice the audience whilst promoting the significance of the product by making the audience believe the statement which is presented in the advert.
Celebrity Endorsement
The New Ingredient
Family Values
This consists of family members usually advertised in holiday commercials during half-terms and especially advertised during summer holidays and Disneyland Paris aims to be the number one family holiday resort. They achieve this by creating excitement and wonder for both children and parents as it is targeted to numerous and multiple consumers, giving them both care, fun and relaxed treatment which is an ideal family holiday package for children and parents.
Happy Kids
This form of advertisement is to aim at
little children
as they have the
to encourage and
persuade their parents
a company's product, which this advert demonstrates due to the magical elements conveyed, children will have an eagerness to
to visit the store along with their parents. This advert promises a magical and wondrous experience while visiting their store, attracting little children to the commercial's fictional story. Consequently, children
persuade their parents, the
, into purchasing one of their products while visiting the store, making this a very successful form of advertisement.
Selective Advertising
Electronic Media:
Online Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
In-store Advertising

Print Media:
Product image format often presents to the viewer the relationship between the product/service and the consumer. This form of advertisement usually evolves around the image of the product/service which also refers to the products symbolic means. Therefore, the image of the product/service embodies the uniqueness of the product and represents it to the viewer as an important source. For example, Ribena popular flavour, blackcurrant, is psychically presented as a animated blackcurrant, making it a real life form for little children to enjoy which is also specifically created, aiming to convince parents to purchase the product for their children to indulge in. Additionally, the sense of adventure entices the enjoyment of the advert for little children as they are at a very curious stage and adores exploring.
Personalized Format empathizes the relationship between the product/service and the consumer, clearly making it evident to the viewer of the companies' commitment to their customer. This form of advertisement provides clinical studies and statistics that helps ensure the companies' faith in their product, which also present to the viewer of the product's reliability as shown in the commercial below and supports the companies' commitment to their customer.

In addition to this, L'Oreal offers for any requests regarding the product, which indicates that the company's confidence in their product is immense. Furthermore, celebrity endorsement attracts the attention of the viewer as they too believe in the product and the reliability of it. Therefore, it entices the customer to purchase the product and believe in the product which also mirrors the importance of the line "we're worth it" because it makes the product worthwhile.
Moreover, personalized formats usually provides narration to explain the product/service which reflects the image and attitude of the product. For example, L'Oreal is a renowned, popular and expensive product therefore it is only fitting and natural for them to use a male voice speaking in a formal, sophisticated manner as opposed to a person speaking in an informal and gauche manner.
Furthermore, the cheerfulness of the song immediately attracts the attention of their target audience and empathizes on the positives of the product such as vitamin C which also helps to persuade both parents and children to desire their product. In my opinion, I also believe that another way to interpret the advert is demonstrated when everyone is celebrating the maturity of a child and the relationship of a child and parent is portrayed when one of the berry (child) is ready to step out into an adventure and takes off to join the others (perhaps a journey of a school ride), which is a nice, subtle touch as one of the berry (parent) is frightened when the little berry (child) almost misses his/her ride and then a relief clouds the parent as the child is once again safe.
LO: Understanding the basis of USP
Adverts try to sell us an image or a lifestyle that we would like to have for ourselves. This is called aspiration - we aspire to be as beautiful as the models or live in houses as lovely as in the adverts.

Advertisers try to persuade us that their product is different from other products ans that we will have something unique that we will benefit from if we buy it. This is called USP.
LO: Formats for Advertisement
Adverts tend to follow four basic formats. They are listed and you are required to put in what the headings mean. The heading themselves give you a clue.

Watch a series of adverts. Identify which format they fall into.
LO: Techniques used in Advertisement
Advertisers use a variety of techniques to get us to buy good or service. They are listed and you are required to fill in the gaps. Try to think of an example under each of the headings.
This John Lewis advert is a good example of conveying their merchandise though over the years. History is a powerful tool in making the viewer feel a certain way when seeing a product from their youth years. This reminds the viewer of past events and/ or any incidents of purchasing a John Lewis product which will immediately produce an emotional response to the advert, making this a very effective tool, convincing the viewer to once again to visit the store and purchase any one of their new products. The adverts' main purpose is to present to the viewer of the development in technology over the years and how people have evolved in terms of adapting to new and advance products alongside with historic elements and aspects in different decades, particularly in musical electronics. We see various products such as cassette tapes, Walkman and colour television, creating nostalgic memories with complimentary music over the years which mirrors different decades.
This Marks & Spencer advert provokes the viewer with an arousing tone, stimulating the viewer with the slowly paced flattering words and complimentary music, assisting to persuade the audience of the product. This specially formatted Christmas advert presents to the viewer a traditional banquet with a delicious twist, making sure that they are keeping the audience in mind as they as state "your M&S", convincing the audience into purchasing their product in the Christmas season, defeating all other competitors due to this specially constructed advert.
Celebrity endorsement persuades the audience to 'buy' into the product immediately, suggesting a wealth of luxury and indulgence which is present in Dior advert. What makes this different to other designer perfume is the appearance of legendary actresses, specially computerized in order to interact with the product. Consequently, not only Oscar-winning actress, Charlize Theron, is promoting the product however also past renowned actresses of their time, conveying to the audience of the significance of the product opposed to other perfume advert. This in turn convinces and encourages the audience to purchase the highly valued product due to this specially constructed advert, promoting a desirable lifestyle which compliments and mirrors the product.
Walkers crisps brand is a great example when trying to invent new and explosive flavours as they aim to continuously discover new ingredients periodically in order to complement every season as well as creating various different scenarios of life in their advertisement so as to fit their brand in every aspect of our lives. The ingenuity of creating new ingredients for their brand and conveying it in a way that relates to various scenarios and people, encourages consumers to purchase the product due to the presentation and marketing in the advertisement, as the original product already exist however, injecting a new ingredient entices the viewers, persuading them to purchase the product because the company has advertised a new invention of flavour successfully.
The purpose of selective advertising is for the company to establish to the consumer of the uniqueness of their product/services as opposed to others available in the same market. And the unique feature for BT broadband is their BT Hub which allows the consumer to travel around, what is known as 'BT Hub Hotspot', space with no interferences with their connections. The uniqueness of this product/ service is that although this is in a huge market, making competition bigger, it still outshines from the rest due to their invention of the BT 'Hub'. Therefore, this will make competitors to better their quality and persuade consumers to look elsewhere, particularly through this form of advertisement as it will reach to a wider market.
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