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About me

about myself ,my family and my friend

Claire Li

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of About me

About me About my friend About my family Hijikata Toushirou, Gintama I love comics I was born in america I am in a british school i am 13 My birthday was on the 18th of November, 1996 Hibari Kyoya, REBORN i love black i love japan i hate homework i don't like any superstars i am living in a 2D world i like to take photography i hate exam leluoch and suzaku I am in Harrow now i have a sister, her name is Victoria Li.
She is younger than me for one and a half years old.
Her birthday is on the 13th of April 1998 I have a lots of cousins in my family,
and most of them are in america I have alots of grandfathers because my grandfather
has alot of brothers. My father's last name is Li. His birthday was on the
20th of July. And i forget how old is him...... My mother's last name is Yan. Her birthday was on the
14th of Feb. And i forget how old are her as well....... I have lots of friends either in
the real world or on the internet. Some of my friends likes to watch comics,
like me And some don't...... some of my friend can play piano Some of my friends can
play another instrument. Some of my friend are good at art Some of my friend are good at dancing Some of my friend feel in love Some of my friends are quite bad at english Some of my friend are in the
same grade as me
And some are not...... Both of my grandfather die before i was born And alot of other comics and characters that i liked
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