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Manfredi Corsaro

on 14 October 2016

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Realist adverts are based on everyday actions, facts and concerns that the society can be affected by Its main feature is that it uses true and realist situations and narratives to lead the audience to the realistic events that they live everyday, such as how to get dressed, what to eat and so on. The adverts are made just to promote a product or a service and trying to persuade people to buy or try it, sometimes its purpose to get people involved in something, such as charity funds. The Fairy Liquid adverts does exactly this. It uses a real life situation to try and persuade its target audience to buy the product. In the advert it shows scenes of real life actions and also uses a mother and her daughter order to represent a particular audience and make them reflect to the advert.

An Animation advert is being very used nowadays rather than in the past years. The main reasons why they are being so popular now is that they would be funnier (for example for very young target audiences) or just because realizing the storyline needed is very hard to do in real life, and therefore the best alternative is use animation clips. For example the KitKat advert. It uses animation in order to attract people who are more likely to purchase KitKat products, that generally are young people.
Anti Realist
Anti realist adverts are focused on no realistic events that could ever happen to anyone, an example may be meeting aliens. Usually these adverts are made in a different form from the traditional, many times is made in a cartoon form as it helps catching more the attention of audience, special effects are also used sometimes. They use these ideas to attract their target audience into purchasing their products. The Muller Rice advert is one of the examples of anti realist adverts. It uses unrealistic features that just can't happen in real life such as a talking-bear in a office.
Humorous adverts' main purpose is to to engage the target audience by making them laugh, attracting them to the advert and the product that is trying to be promoted. By using humorous adverts that engage the target audience, they are therefore making the adverts memorable and something to talk about. The Cadbury’s eyebrow adverts is a good example of this. It uses two children who are moving their eyebrows in abnormal ways. This makes the audience laugh as it is not something you would expect to see. And the girl wears a purple dress linking to Cadbury
Dramatic genre in adverts is used to make the target audience sorry for ill people, who can be children, elderlies, or adult persons. They tend to use situations and events that really happen in every-day life, underlining the differences and difficulties that disable people have, compared with the able people. This should make the audience more sympathetic and make them want to help those people less fortunate. The Cancer Research advert is an example of a dramatic advert. It uses real life stories and backgrounds, and people who are doing real life charity events in order to raise money in getting research to beat cancer.
Talking Heads
In this kind of TV adverts the characters used talks, for all the duration of the clip, directly to the camera, and therefore, in a abstract way also to the audience whi is watching. Most of the times these characters are shot with a close up shot, as in this way all the emotions (through their expressions) that they want to show to give a certain message are easily seen by the viewers, it helps to attract more the audience attention. An example of a talking heads advert is the Money.co.uk advert. It shows a serie of people talking directly to the camera, communicating to the audience, trying to give as much information as possible about the service provided by this company. This helps to engage the audience and grab their attention.
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