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Final Presentation....

No description

Jocelyn Rogers

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Final Presentation....

Animals are Being Harmed Species are going extinct since 1989 not a
single golden toad
has been seen. even animals breeding seasons are being changed and we keep changing the climate and the planet they live on coral reefs are being destoryed corals are bleaching so fast they can't repair themselves if we don't act now, the amount of coral reefs will continue to get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until there are no reefs left amphibians are so sensitive to climate change None of these animals can help themsleves we are putting too much CO2 into the air even if its simply by driving a car we just think about ourselves, not what we are doing to the rest of the creatures that live here Slowing global warming can be done in so many ways changing light bulbs can help slow climate change only running the dishwasher when its full can help too there are so many simple things we can do to help out and we don't Animals arent the only ones being harmed humans are being harmed directly and indirectly heat waves in the summer have become more severe making it harder for infants and people with asthema to breathe climate change has increased diseases like malaria and yellow fever and we still don't try to slow global warming So are humans selfish for not trying to slow global warming?
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