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DEC Fundraising

on 7 August 2014

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A few ideas for your event
And some tips...
Think about the logistics ahead of time.
Meet Lottie Gibson, after seeing the heartbreaking images of families in East Africa on BBC1's Newsround she decided to raise money for them.

She held a fair in her front garden, with it's own tea shop, cake stall, tombola and quiz! But this was just the start, Lottie wanted do more and thought a sponsored fun run dressed as a clown would be eye catching and a challenge! It was a normal day in the park and local people were surprised to see the 10 year old dressed as a clown whizzing by supported by her friend Molly. She ran round Eaton Park and along with the fair raised an amazing £480!
Paying your money in
The boring but necessary bits
Organising events can be quite a huge responsibility. If you're organing a big event, please keep in mind a few things
1. Go to: http://www.dec.org.uk/how-to-help/fundraise-us
Who is this pack for?
Students from Aldenham Foundation were so moved by the news about Typhoon Haiyan that they decided to hold a 24-hour music marathon to raise funds!

From 4.30pm Thursday 21st November to 4.30pm Friday 22nd November students of all ages (some as young as 3!) played non stop. They raised an astonishing £13,114.53!
The DEC brings 13 leading UK aid charities together in times of crisis
The DEC Team
About the DEC
Here are some numbers:
- East Africa appeal
- Pakistan appeal
- Haiti appeal
- Asian Tsunami Appeal
- Philippines Appeal
Get together with a group of friends and organise a local event, ask local businesses to get on board
Sell a skill - teach someone to do something amazing like dancing or cooking a meal
Make a change - get sponsored to dye your hair a different colour!
Hold a fancy dress day at work
Hold a sports tournament and charge teams to enter
Organise a baking sale and sell off your delicious cakes
Real stories to inspire...
We have run 64 appeals and raised more than £1.2 billion since our launch in 1963 - helping to save millions of lives and rebuild communities devastated by disasters.
What we have achieved so far...

This kit is jam-packed full of ideas, inspiration, and tools to get you started and help you a hold a successful fundraising event.

Inside, you will find:
What the DEC stands for and the impact we've made
Ideas and tips to hold your own fundraising event
Stories to inspire you
An easy, 3-step guide to registering a DEC event
Paying your money in
A few reminders for your event
How to reach us

Hold a quiz night and raffle off donated gifts
Have a car boot sale or sell unwanted items online and donate the profits
Set the date and venue of your event. Consider your budget. Think about health and safety, and have contingency plans in case things go wrong
Don’t be afraid to be silly
Advertise, advertise, advertise!
Pick a theme that will appeal to your audience
People love attending events that benefit a great cause and are fun or interesting to attend. Take some time to think about your audience and brainstorm creative event ideas that resonate with them.
Tap into your social networks
Get some help from family and friends. Ask friends to donate unwanted items. Make a list of all the different social groups you're part of and think of the best way to approach each group, and what kind of support you'd need from them. Lastly, don't forget to thank everyone who supported your event!
Fundraiser ideas don’t have to be stiff. Fun and humour are great ways to connect with people and make money for your cause. So let that personality shine through!
Tell the world about your brilliant fundraising! Post flyers, send emails & promote on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Advertising your event early will allow you to reach more people.
If you are someone passionate about making a difference and are as excited as we are about fundraising to help others, then this kit is for you!
What would make you and a friend cycle 4000 miles, often in scorching heat, across the vastness that is the United States of America completely on your own without a support crew?

For two friends, Simon and James, both keen cyclists, it was raising money for charity. After setting up a JustGiving page and a brilliant Tumblr blog they set off on a 4000-mile journey, just the two of them, and managed to raise a whopping £1,630 for the Syria Crisis Appeal!
Register your event in 3 easy steps!
The easiest way to send us funds is by registering on JustGiving and receiving donations online. At the end of your event, the funds will automatically come through to us - without you having to do anything!
Contact the DEC at http://www.dec.org.uk/about-dec/contact-us
If you receive donations from family and friends by other means or if you do not have a JustGiving page, please send a cheque to our office together with a sponsorship form, which can be downloaded here: http://www.dec.org.uk/how-to-help/fundraise-us
This will also allow us to easily track the funds you raised and collect Gift Aid on individual donations.
We receive an extra 25p for every £1 if you choose to Gift Aid your donation. Tick the Gift Aid Eligible box on the Sponsporship Form.
Does the licensing authority need to approve the event?
Do all sponsors fully understand your challenge?
For raffle/lottery, have the rules and regulations been read and followed?

Has the venue been checked for health & safety hazards?
Is there adequate access for people with disabilities?
Are all staff, crew and volunteers familiar with the event site layout?
Are there clear public procedures in place in case of emergency? (first aid, fire escapes, assembly points, etc)
Legal Requirements
Please take extra time to plan fundraising activities involving children. Any fundraisers under the age of 18 should have their parent or guardian’s permission to take part. Make sure children are properly supervised and you’ve made provisions for lost children at events.
2. Click on the DEC appeal you would like to raise funds for. This will automatically redirect you to the appeal JustGiving page.
3. Create your page on JustGiving, fill up a few details, and voila - you're good to go!
Or find other ways of paying in at:
Thank you very much for your generosity and continued support!
Need more stuff?
If you need materials for your fundraising event, request for them here:
You may also download appeal posters and the official DEC logo from:
If you need to get in touch with us, contact us at:
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