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Where Champions come to work.

No description

Jennifer Frye

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Where Champions come to work.

If you believe you could be a Crider Champion consider applying for one of our rewarding positions.

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Where Champions come to work.
Projects a positive image and energy
Is Respectful and Compassionate
Refrains from labeling or judging our customers or their peers
Understands the complex issues our customers face
Respects diversity
Doesn't act on assumptions
Uses good manners
Actively listens
Shows genuine interest
Is empathetic
Is prompt and respectful of others time
Is considerate of others feelings
Is responsive
Thanks our customers for allowing us to be of service
Always Acts with Integrity
Does what they say they are going to do and does it right
Tells the truth
Is competent
Stands by their commitments
They are not afraid to admit their mistakes and say, "I'm sorry."
Goes Above and Beyond
Is proactive
Walks in their customer's shoes
Connects with their customers
Isn't afraid to take out the trash
Creates possibilities
Makes a difference

Makes eye contact
Is welcoming
Addresses the customer by name
Assumes best intentions
Understands that the work they do is valuable
Enjoys their job
Believes in themselves
At Crider Health Center we refer to our staff guidelines to service excellence as the "WAY" of the Crider Health Center Champion.
A Crider Champion is someone who:
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