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Multiplication and Division with the Scientific Method

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Transcript of Multiplication and Division with the Scientific Method

Multiplication and Division with Scientific Notation
How to multiply
To multiply two numbers in scientific notation, simply multiply the numbers out front and add the exponents.

How to divide
To divide two numbers, simply divide the numbers out front and subtract the exponents.
1) The speed of light is 3 x 10^8 meters/second. If the sun is 1.5x 10^11 meters from Earth, how many seconds does it take light to reach the earth?
2) Mordor has an area of approximately 2.3x10^4 km^2. In each square kilometer there are around 3x10^2 people, how many people are in Mordor?
3) A person blinks more or less 2x10^3 times per day.
Considering that a year has 3.65x10^2 days, how many blinks will the person do in 2x10^1 years?
5) Stephanie is going to buy 3x102 balls every month for 2x103 months. After this time, she will break 4x102 every month, in how many months is she going to break all the balls?
For example
For example
4) Nydia has 9x10^8 million dollars. In Christmas, she is going to divide her money in equal parts between 3x10^7 people. How much money will each person receive?
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