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The Canadian Government (and others) on Social Media

A presentation given to Prof. Serge Banyongen's fourth year communications class on government and social media.

Adrian Ebsary

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of The Canadian Government (and others) on Social Media

Adrian J. Ebsary
@AJEbsary Social Media and Government The Future Other Governments on Social Media Fearsquare: How to Gamify Crime-Avoidance http://de2011.computing.dundee.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Using-social-media-to-drive-public-engagement-with-open-data.pdf Mobile Democracy Social Media and the Government of Canada "If government isn't responding at all then people will just go elsewhere, because they'll realize it's not being used properly.
They won't feel like they are being heard."
- Prof. Mary Francoli - http://bit.ly/Tyhr61 "We're basically saying it's ok to dialogue with the public, it's ok to open up government information, it's ok to be more productive by sharing information, but there is a framework you are going to have to develop." - Tony Clement
http://bit.ly/Tyhr61 "Indeed for a document that is supposed to encourage public servants to use social media, I suspect it will do just the opposite. Its density and list of controls will cause many who were on the fence to stay there – if not retreat further."
- David Eaves, http://bit.ly/YUjPZ5 Departments build their own guidelines Using Twitter for broadcasting & outreach Law enforcement goes social "It Gets Better" Automated feeds aplenty On Facebook, few allow fans to post Flickr and YouTube too Indepedently-run aggregators of Government social media accounts Important Web 2.0 Initiatives Trevor May Joëlle Drouin "But as we move further into the 21st century, the key to our prosperity will lie in our human capital and our innovative potential.In this context, data is Canada's new natural resource." - Tony Clement More research needed BarnRaisers: http://barnraisersllc.com/2012/10/4-stages-social-media-marketing/ Municipal social media report-generation US Crowdsourced 'challenges' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20240874 Trevor May http://singularityhub.com/2011/08/03/25-ordinary-citizens-write-icelands-new-constitution-with-help-from-social-media/ Social Media: Political Uses and Implications for Representation Democracy, Amanda Clarke http://people.stfx.ca/x2009/x2009kfk/H%20Drive/Thesis%20Research/2010-10-e.pdf Mainstream media concentrates brand identity around leaders

Social media redistributes brand identity between members of an organization

Brand Contributions: Public Servants > Politicians

Can politicians accept losing brand control? http://articles.cnn.com/2011-10-21/tech/tech_innovation_iceland-president-social-media_1_iceland-olafur-ragnar-grimsson-social-media?_s=PM:TECH
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