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Cyber Bullying

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rud lak

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a form of intimidation and harassment used by bullies on the internet. The people who do this are almost always cowards. They use it to feel superior over others. Unlike what some people think, it is very serious. It is so serious that people have committed suicide because of it.
Social Media
Cyberbullying may occur on different social medias like Instagram, Facebook or twitter. People on Instagram can post pictures of people without their permission or post mean comments. You can also post harassing comments on Facebook; twitter is very similar.
Another method for cyberbullying is texting. People can send direct messages to people with texts. The bad thing with texts is that the bully can decide to make the texting private with only himself and the victim or with other friends. This means that the victim will be insulted and have his self-esteem lowered.
What can be done about cyberbullying
1. Talk to an adult, teacher, or a guidance counselor.
2. Record a bully's message so you can then show an adult.
3. Report the bully. If you’re being bullied via a website, chances are that the bully is going against the website’s terms of use.
Online Forums
What not to do if you're cyber bullyied
Youtube Video
1.Start talking back in a negative way to the bully.
2.Let the bully lower your self-esteem.
3.Don't keep it to yourself, tell an adult!

Cyberbullying can take place in online forums, polls and online social media chat forums such as shown in the pictures below. People will start forums and chats with the intention to harass and intimidate. It is hard to regulate and get rid of these certain forums since there are so of these forums out there.
We obtained our images from google search and prezi image cache
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