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Signs, Symbols and the Cultural Basis of Architectural Desig

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mikayle barcenas

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Signs, Symbols and the Cultural Basis of Architectural Desig

Signs, Symbols and the Cultural Basis of Architectural Design. Behavioral Stress and Circuits.
Nowadays we face a kind of crisis of symbol. The language of symbols seems to be dying out. In draft was tried to appear rule of symbolism of scared arts and their possibilities as special kind of theology of artistic word of providing them with everlasting living in architecture.
Sign and Symbol in Architecture
The Meaning of symbol in Architecture
symbol an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, belief, action, or material entity. Symbols take the form of words, sounds, gestures, or visual images and are used to convey ideas and beliefs
Here are the some example of architectural symbols
this typical door and window symbols shown in both plan (as it may appear on a blueprint) and in pictorial form. Reading working drawings necessitates the ability to read, and understand and visualize the various symbols..this figures show some of the most common standard symbols . For various reasons, some of the symbols on a drawing may not be standard. Many times you will figure out what a symbol means by analyzing it and thinking about what it looks like. The legend on a drawing should show any nonstandard symbols and their meanings. Occasionally a symbol for a particular component or device may have been specifically created by the architect or engineer who developed the drawing.
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