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The Declaration of Independence Comic Strip

No description

Sarah Carruth

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of The Declaration of Independence Comic Strip

The Declaration of Independence
The Government is Inadequate
First off, and most importantly,
you are not protecting us.
Complaints Against the King
Hear me out now, Britain,
because we have a serious
problem with your king.
The Colonies Tried Avoiding Separation
I mean, ideally we would like to stay
connected to you because you've
continually supported us in the past, you’re
why we’re here, but now you are treating
us unfairly (to say in the least!).

Significance of the Declaration
Over here in the colonies, we have a few problems with how we’re being treated, Britain. So, just to make sure we’re all on the same page, here’s our reasoning... just over here now...

No one here is very happy with how you're treating us, our basic rights are not being met- we deserve happiness, control over our own lives, and freedom
Furthermore, governments are made to help better the citizens, and you are not doing a great job of that at all. Surely now, it's only dignified to try and change that right? We're worthy of having control over ourselves to make sure we're thriving instead of being shunned.
He's ignoring our needs and making his own laws, despite our best efforts to create our own laws that would better suit life here in the Colonies.
He sends soldiers over here which are a real hassle, we pay for their upkeep, deal with the way they treat us, and if they commit a crime we can't do anything about it. Not to mention he has taken away our right to a trial by jury! The soldiers don't even need to be here, we aren't at war for heaven's sake!
He's essentially declared war on us! I mean,
we can't trade anymore due to his interferences
and he's taxing everything without considering
us in the matter! What are we, chop liver?
At this point he’s even had the audacity to destroy some of our towns and shores, and then tried to convince the Indians to attack us! His own people! Ignoring our words and petitions to try and make things right! How in any way does this sound right to you!?
We tried to teach you a lesson by boycotting
your imported goods so you might realize the
wrong you are doing, but instead you made
things even worse.
We've accepted all of your unnecessary
taxes which took away our every last
dime, but you still insisted on taking
Through each of your oppressions, we have
asked for alleviation on the most respectful
We have tried everything that we
possibly can to make you happy, but it
never seems to be good enough in your mind.
We are done trying and it is now your turn
to make some sacrifices for us, or we will
abolish any ties that we have left to you.

Yeah, so after having put up with all this for so long, we’re gonna separate. We don’t want your politics, your King, your idiotic laws, we want our own country where we know what’s best for us and without your overpowering rule over us. You see why we need, not want, but need to do this. We want to be a free people from your tyranny!

By: Sarah Carruth, Javier Herrera, and Laura Faoro
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