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Economic Determinants

No description

Hilary Izatt

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of Economic Determinants

Economic Determinants of
Democracy and Dictatorship

What is the Relationship between Economic Development and Regime type (Dictatorship or Democracy)?
Classic Modernization
Originally developed by Economists
(eg. Gerschenkron and Rustow)

Economic Development is Key to:
1. The emergence of democracy
2. The survival of democracy
What is his question/puzzle?
Does Lipset still Hold?

Class Business
Syllabus Changes

Feb 2 and Feb 5 Switched
Today: economic determinants
Monday: Culture and Social determinants
John Stuart Mill: Chapter 1 Only!

reading Added Feb (7):
Geddes: What do we know about democratization after 20 years (On MyCourses)

less "modern" countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America were "primitive" and would eventually develop to look like Western Europe or the US
decrease role of agriculture
urbanize and industrialize
organic process
Political Science's take?
(Enter Seymour Martin Lipset)
"[t]he more well-to-do a nation, the greater the chances that it will sustain democracy."
(pp 75).
Economic Development = ?
What Does this Tell Us About the Study of Authoritarianism?
Why Is This Question Interesting?
What is his explanation/Answer?
How Would We Know if he was Wrong?
Is He Wrong?
Is there Something Else the Theory Explains?
Diamond's Take
1. Effort to Understand the social bases of stable democracy still inform studies in comparative politics
2. Intervening variables: Still pertinent and still used as independent variables in current studies
Intervening Variables: Political Culture, Class Structure, Civil Society, State-Society Relations
3. relationship of income and education with attitudes and values about the political system
4. His simple hypothesis have since been supported by sound statistical studies
5. All but one (Singapore) of the 25 most developed states are democracies; and stay as democracies
How Does Lipset Not Hold Up?
We've looked at economic factors, what about social and cultural factors?
What is the relationship between socio-economic development and democratization?
To that point, political science had left this question alone -- he attempts to apply a behavioral and sociological method answer the question
Economic Development is key to both the emergence and survival of democracy
Econ Dev = Industrialization, Urbanization, Wealth and Education
Must also look at intervening variables (Political culture, class structure, civil society, and state-society relations
Well-to-do states that aren't democratic or Low developed democracies
Diamond: Yes and No
Gets at this idea of political culture: Attitude and Values that promote or mitigate democracy
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