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The Effect of Animal Activist Groups on Agriculture

Senior Presentation

Dan Hohman

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of The Effect of Animal Activist Groups on Agriculture

The Effect of Animal Activist
Groups on Agriculture The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are not telling the American public how their money is really spent; if the American public supported their local farmers then HSUS, PETA, and other interest groups would have less of an impact on the American public’s perception of Agriculture. What do HSUS and PETA really do? How much money do they really have? humanesociety.org HSUS received over 86 million dollars in donations in the year 2008 alone ("So How Much Money Does HSUS Have?").
PETA runs on a yearly budget of 29 million dollars, a majority of this donated by citizens of the United States not knowing what these organizations are doing (Neudecker). Economic The top countries importing american beef are: Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Canada Social By: Dan Hohman Political Governenment Agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration enforce laws already in place. What's wrong with this picture?
Depends on who you ask. According to HSUS and PETA it's the cages, but ask a chicken farmer and you
will find out cages do many things such as
1. keep them from injuring each other
2. keep them safe from preditors First state to stand up to activist groups
Formed to keep HSUS and PETA out
13 member board formed to protect Ohio agriculture
Bill Moody from Fredrictown is a member of this board How do you go against HSUS and PETA? Thesis Groups gather signatures 1. If bills pass agriculture is harmed.
2. If the bills fail then states can make their own laws keeping HSUS and PETA out. If enough signatures are gathered a bill is put on the ballot Voters vote on the bills HSUS and PETA wish to pass extreme laws In the year 2010 the United States exported a total of 2.3 billion pounds, equaling 3.839 billion dollars worth of beef (Mathews).
"Unnecessary rules on animal welfare pushed by society, will drive up prices, cause food shortages and force farmers out of business” (Campbell). This will also harm the local economy, less money spent in the area.
Agriculture is a large part of the economy of the United States and the world.
With Knox County being a rural community it is important to support our local economy, by buying locally and by supporting our local farmers Interview with Andrea Daubenmire Extension Program Coordinator
at Knox County, OSU Extension What do Junior Fair members do to pervent HSUS and PETA from taking over Agriculture?
"The Ohio Department of Agriculture requires that all Junior Fair livestock exhibitors, consisting of 4-H and FFA members, attend a program titled Quality Assurance every year. This program teaches the exhibitors how important their livestock project is, mostly because it will be displayed in public and they will help build the perception that the public has about agriculture. Another thing that is taught in this program is that they must provide a safe, quality, wholesome product for consumption." Effects of HSUS and PETA
Many youth organizations like 4-H and FFA could disappear
County fairs will no longer exist
Food prices will increase Interview with Rochelle Adam Junior Fair Coordinator How do you prevent HSUS and PETA from shutting down the Knox County Fair?
"We take many steps to educate Junior Fair exhibitors on proper animal care. With the fair putting animals in the public eye we have to pay close attension to how we prepare them for show and how we care for them. With organizations like HSUS and PETA having different views on the use of animals it can become very challenging." Conclusion If Americans continue to support HSUS and PETA not only will American agriculture suffer but local farmers will go out of business, county fairs will no longer exist and food prices will increase for the American public, and across the globe. ag.perdu.edu blogs.desmoinesregister.com majastevanovich.wordpress.com youtube.com Works Cited "4-H Youth Development." Purdue Agriculture. Web. 12 July 2011. <http://www.ag.purdue.edu/counties/huntington/Pages/4-HYouthDevelopment.aspx>.
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"So How Much Money Does HSUS Have?" <http://majastevanovich.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/peta-recognizes-marines-for-rescuing-two-cats/>. TruthaboutPetFood.com. Web. 15 June 2011. <http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/so-how-much-money-does-hsus-have.html>. blog.beefmagazine.com Interview with Bill Moody Member of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board operationcompassion.org fda.gov According to hsus.org, HSUS works to protect companion animals, for example dogs and cats, farm animals or livestock, and wildlife and wildlife habitat protection
Really HSUS and PETA target American agriculture California passed a law requiring farmers to give animals space to spread their wings, turn around, stand up and lie down
There are now 6 states with laws outlawing gestation crates for sows or female pigs (Campbell). Solutions Stand up against PETA and HSUS and form a Livestock Care Standards Board.
Do not donate to HSUS or PETA, donate to local humane society
Write letters to congressmen asking them to propose a bill
Support local farmers Antithesis HSUS and PETA claim that animals have the same rights as humans.
They also claim that chickens should be cage free, and fences should not exist. youtube.com What makes this commercial so effective? HSUS uses dogs and cats to play with emotions
The money really is used to target American agriculture
Many people think that this is a way to help their local humane society, it's not, HSUS has nothing to do with local humane societies This is how HSUS and PETA really use their money Harming the local farmers, and local economy youtube.com The Knox County Humane Society
if HSUS gave money to local humane societies then...
The Humane Society would not be in financial trouble
They would have money to treat sick animals
They would be able to keep more animals at the shelter HSUS and PETA gathered signatures on the Mount Vernon Public Square to attempt to pass extreme laws in Ohio
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