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The Story of Hair and Beauty...

Some inspirations for the 2013 Conference theme

Elli Julia

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of The Story of Hair and Beauty...

Meaningful Memorable experience And trigger action! Stories a story that has meaning What Sells...?? write a walk takeaways: Stay on Trend and meet the future consumer where they are Share emotive real stories - people want to meet the maker Engage people & create a raving tribe A list of points, facts & price lists?
Or an emotive story?
And how an experience made you feel? And HOW to tell Stories that inspire action Market OUR brand through our story Share the value & pride in their craft The Story of Hair and Beauty Once Upon a time... How you communicate to your audience should be a What do you remember more? Clients can feel part of something valuable and exciting... with a sprinkle of Old World Glamour & style We could teach our guests the art of great storytelling... +
It's about creating a story people want to be a part of
It's more than
just pretty facts and services inspire To create Foreground Middleground Background History has so many Of how Hair and Beauty have influenced life, trends, fashion... and left us with great icons and great stories of success emotion it's best to tell "Storytailling" is the way to engage your clients TELLING GREAT STORIES...
Engages people
Creates an Emotional Response
Gives them Stories they can tell others
or that tell them something about themselves... What if we could teach our HAIR & BEAUTY clients... And teach them WHERE to tell stories... How to tell their great stories Tell stories worth sharing Make it playful, fun and action orientated Sasson The Rachel Twiggy Audrey Estee Lauder Coco Chanel Vidal And in our marketing we can tell OUR STORY Just what does it take to put on a Reed Event? Hear from our team. Our speakers. Our Summit VIP's What are our hopes for our clients and this event More images and videos. Be real and have a little fun... And create a TRIBE Engage our clients more by... Inviting them to be "curators" of our message By contributing their pictures, videos, stories, clips, inspirations and ideas So they feel ownership and pride in what we are creating together WHY??? The Future Consumer is motivated by The idea of Revivalism
A Return to Nostalgia
Sense of Community
Less Overload
Want to Meet the Maker
Powerful Peer to Peer Culture
Seeking Refuge
Want to be part of something And feel a sense of pride & ownership Our 2013 Theme... THE POWER OF YOUR STORY... Authentic stories impact the brain activity of both the teller & the audience STORYTAILLING WHERE STORY AND RETAIL MEETS Collaborate & be part of something meaningful together Create atmosphere and excitement People will forget what you said People will forget what you did But people will never forget how you made them feel Maya Angelou share
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