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SLC Kiki Term 3

No description

kiki Huang

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of SLC Kiki Term 3

KiKi's SLC UOI Presentation

Central Idea : Human understand and use simple
machines to make live easier. How I under stand the Central Idea? What make our live easier are
the "Seven Simple Machines".[continue
on the next one] The Seven Simple Machines: That talk about the seven simple
machines,we'll talk about "Wheel"
first. 1. Wheel: Wheel make our live easier because
we travel with car and if the car did
not have any wheel then the car couldn't
move around.[The wheel make the car to
travel around.Go to 2.lever.]
The Seven Simple
Machines list: 1.Wheel and axel
5.inclinded plane
7.gears 2. Lever Lever make our live easier because
the lever could lift the things up
as you do not have to use much effot.
[Go to the 3.Pulley.] 3. Pulley Pulley make our live easier because
it help us to lift heavy thing without
much forces.If there are no pulley you
use a lot of forces to lift the heavy
thing.[Go to 4.Screw.] 4. Screw Screw make live easier because
screw something to stay together
and stable.But if there are no
screw,everything will fall off
into pieces.So it is very useful.
[Go to 5.Inclinded plane.] 5. Inclinded plane Inclined plane make our lives easier because
if you have a inclined plane you could push
the heavy thing up somewhere with less forces.
If there are no inclined plane, you will have
to use more forces to push/bring anything up
somewhere.[Go to 6.Wedge.] 6. Wedge There are wedges I think because
it help the door don't move and to
stay open, if there are no wedge
the door wouldn't stay open.
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