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Nutrition powerpoint

No description

Jessica Fenton

on 14 December 2018

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Transcript of Nutrition powerpoint

video games
T.V. Clicker
Grocery Stores
BUSY: Eat out more often
Processed food is cheap & everywhere!
Bombarded with advertising

Why Is It Hard to
Eat Healthy in the U.S?

Focus on fueling up
by eating from the 5 food groups!!
Our Society Today...
Stay fit & maintain a healthy weight

Prevent serious diseases
Super foods are known to
improve concentration and memory
Fueling your body with the right foods...
Not Brain Foods
Portion Distortion
What else makes it hard to eat healthy?
Changes over 20 years...
How can we stop this trend?
The good news is ...
you control what you put into your body
Increases Energy for the day
Builds immune system to fight off germs
Helps with proper growth & development
Rule to live by....
Combined with...
What is a calorie???
How do you feel after eating a bag of chips?
Improves your mood
Athletes don't fill up on this...
Improves your ability to play sports
Healthy food helps you get full quicker and feel full longer
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