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Company presentatin

No description

inagaki tomohisa

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Company presentatin

Company History Analysis of the type management (leader ship) Mission Statement Environmental policy(CSR) For Women employees location JAPAN TOKYO GINZA Products Cosmetic 39brands Health care 9brands 1872 Established by Arinbu Hukuhara as a pharmacy 1915 Started to sell cosmetic 1927 Organized a joint-stock company 1941 Established SHISEIDO PARLOR (restaurant) 1957 To overseas (Taiwan) 1949 Listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange SHISEIDO PARLOR Arinobu Hukuhara 1980 Established SHISEIDO FRANCE 1998 Established SHISEIDO BEAUTY COMPANY 2004 Joined The United Nations Global Compact* 2009 Start to sell in Azerbaijan , Switzerland 2010 Completed Vietnam factory Servant leader ship Proposed by Morio Ikeda in 1995 Put the most priority on the shop Pleasure of giving Employee 28,793 in total Sales 72.34 billion Total assets 67.58 billion Fifth largest cosmetic company in the world senior corporate adviser Our mission Cultivate relationships with people
Appreciate genuine, meaningful values
Create beauty, Create wellness Our values In Diversity, Strength
In Challenge, Growth
In Heritage, Excellence Our way Toward Consumers
Toward Business partners
Toward Shareholders
Toward Employees
Toward Society and The Earth Shiseido Earth Care Project Considered environment in all process Products Introduced Refill Reduced the use of plastic 60% reduced plastic film to Changed the package From plastic to film AQL brand series HAKU brand series Production Response in Vietnam Factory Zero emission factory Tree Planting Campaign Saving energy Introduced Solar Power in American Factory Create 2,000,000kWh in a year Reduce CO2 emission 1,200ton Supply Distribution Sales Bagasse Pulp New cardboard box Use the pomace of sugarcane Recycle of waste Electric eco car Reduced the use of paper More thin Eco policy Shiseido tries to maintain the global environment in all operation... Consider all eco system Promote the development of new technology for environment Plan improvement of the each person's environmental protection awareness Try to cooperate with an area or the society Established guideline of empowerment for women detail For total abolition of animal testing Never use cosmetic itself If have no choice but to do..... Have a risk doing harm human body Be examined strictly by Animal testing council Investigate '3R' (Reduction, Refinement, Replacement) Execute? or Substitute? Promote a total abolition until 2013 Substitution way is investing A change of amount animal testing The year Ratio % Relative change when assumed 2001 to be 100% Is expected more evolution Be beautiful for an instant throughout the life Social activity(CSR) Summary Has a good reputation from customer Good environment for employees (especially women) Contributes community and environment Food and nutrition Table manners Introduction about nutrition Disaster recovery assistant Flood in Rio de Janeiro $35,000 Donation Well in Cambodian Create employment Vocational training in Laos Hairstylist class 4 wells in total Overseas expansion 88 countries *Organization which dedicated itself to realize sustainable growth towards the global society Boss should support ordinary employee Achieved V-shaped turnaround dramatically Change of proportion (women leader) plan results % Year It still has been popular Economic temple Changed the hierarchy As a result... (zero industrial waste) Support nursing Established nursery school in office Promote childcare leave for men people year Maternity leave Childcare leave Time of child care Time of child care (beauty job) Nursery school User of child care system Substitute staff
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