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IRT cyber bullying

For school

blair weichert

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of IRT cyber bullying

Information report narrative book review journal cyber bullying how does cyber bullying effect a teenagers life? fine arts cyber bullying It is no secret that it is now easier to talk to your friends and family. But all of that is in danger because of cyber bullying. hi am blair and for my IRT i am doing... 70% of the time it is dealt with then if it is not dealt with then, then the victim can start thinking about harming them selfs lives can be LOST if not dealt with Most of you may not know how cyber bullies bully. well there are a few ways: there two main ways a cyber bully.
One on one bullying
bullying in a group
lets look at one on one bullying first hate group, online polls and group chats, webages, public comments and status. secret time Okay lets see how questions? Friend, family,teacher, adult or even your school counselor. REPORT THEM to your school or the site the bullying is happening on. BULLYING IN A GROUP!! because the reason why people bullying is because butt rape bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cyberbullying http://www.cyberullyingalert.com/blog/2008/11/ sites books teen cyber bullying by Tom Jacobs surveys year 6 blue and gold click view cyber safe This is the last time I am going to be writing in my log and my speech is next week so all I am up to now is my prezi then I am done can’t wait till all this is over because I am not good at speeches so wish me luck book that I have been writing in. 12th of the 9th 2012 thank you for watching DO NOT RETALLATE sorry about this picture no one knows what went wrong
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