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Cocaine Cowboys

No description

Calah Williams

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys The Movie documentary film released in 2006
directed by Billy Corben and produced by Alfred Spellman
explores the rise of cocaine and resulting crime epidemic that swept the American city of Miami, Florida in the 1970s and 1980s a true story, that became an inspiration for "Scarface" and "Miami Vice" The 60's Miami: very calm, still and poor
full of eldery people
lack of big building and skyscrapers The Ringleaders Jon Roberts Cocaine trafficker
distributed over 2 billion worth of cocaine for the Medellin Cartel Michael Munday drug smuggler
lived and grew up in South Florida
transported over 38 tons of cocaine from Colombia to the US
Bought property in Lakeland made barns to store the planes with cocaine in, used family cars(vans) to put cocaine in and towed the cocaine filled cars back to Miami. Cartel from Medellin well organized structure
paid the authorities to stay away from their business
had around 16 billion income from cocaine
cooperated with Carlos Lehder and Pablo Escobar Middle 70's- Recession in the USA doesn't include Miami
retail sales index= 10 bilion $
flowering of property market Miami develops Paradise Lost Drug War between Colombia and Cuba transpires to public
Miami called 'the most dangerous place on earth'
in 1981 number of murders reached 621 Griselda Blanco "The Cocaine Godmother" immigrants from South America deal in marijuana
wealthy people start to take cocaine
Jon Roberts and Michael Munday start cooperating with the Colombians Rafa Cardona Salazar Max Mermelstein Toni Moon died recently (3rd of September)
drug lord for the Medellín Cartel
involved in most of drug-related outrages in Miami
her distribution network,which spanned the United States, brought in US$8 million per month
FIRST female drug trafficker/drug lord
FIRST to connect Columbia, NY, and Miami with cocaine distribution
Designed her own lingerie special pockets in the panties that were able to conceal two kilos of cocaine. wave of corruption many banks being investigated by the Feds for money laundering
4 mayors sued
about one fourth of police officers arrested for venality
during this time on any dollar bills you could find traces of cocaine on the bills Cocaine Abuse Griselda orchestrated the Dade County shopping mall massacre on July 11,1979 she summoned two drug dealers to "discuss" the money she owed them. She sent two of her assassins to kill them and "eliminate her debt". 36.8 million people over the age of 12 have tried cocaine
The faster the cocaine is absorbed into the bloodstream the more intense the high
The high from snorting cocaine may last 15 to 30mins
The high from smoking cocaine may last only 5 to 10mins
All three methods can lead to addiction
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