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Halloween Project

No description

M2K Kids

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween Project

Halloween Project
How did the Idea of Children Dressing up in Costumes and getting Candy Start?
This idea already existed in Great Britain and Ireland in form of souling, where children and poor people would sing prayers for the dead to return in cake. People would also be out, "mumming" and "Guising", and asking for food in exchange for prayers. These things didnt start in the U.S until World War II.
Why do we Trick-Or-Treat?
There are many reasons that we trick-or-treat. We trick-or-treat because its fun and we get candy. Irish immigrants brought their version of Halloween to the U.S. In Britain they asked for pennies.
How did Celebrating Halloween Become an American Culture
Irish Immigrants came and brought their practice with them. It was a fun thing to do, so people followed.
How did Jack-o'-Lanterns come About?
The term Jack-o'-lantern was first applied to people. Jack-o'-lanterns are known as ghost lights. People told stories to explain the mysterious lights. The stories were mostly about a guy named Jack.
Why did we Start Carving Pumpkins?
Towards the 19th century Jack-o'-lanterns went from a trick to a seasonal decoration standard. A Halloween party hosted by the mayor of Atlanta in 1892 is one of the early intenses of the Jack-o'-lantern. The wife of the mayor had several pumpkins carved with faces places around the party.
My favorite Hallween Character Facts
My favorite Halloween character is Dracula. Dracula dipped his bread in buckets of blood. He got back at his father by killing hundreds of people. Dracula means "Son of the Dragon". He had a sense of humor. Impalement was the only punishment. He got rid of the sick and poor by burning them alive. He had complete control of people by having a golden cup. He poisened his own wounds to spite Turkish Invaders. Dracula killed up to 100,000 people Dracula's body disapeared when he died. These are some facts on why Dracula is feared in the human world.
Where did Halloween Originate From
What does Halloween Mean?

Halloween means the night of October 31st, the Eve of All Saints' Day, commonly celebrated by children who dress in costumes and solicit candy or other treats from door-to-door.
Halloween originated form Christians World Centuries after the death of Apostles.Halloween was celebrated centuries before the Christians New Testament Church. American celebration is rested on Scottish and Irish folk customs.Halloweeen is and old Pagen holiday.Halloween is not celebrated by Druids. Halloween started when commercialization started in 1900's. Then costumes came in stores in the 1930's. Trick-or-treating started in the 1950's.
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