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Virtual Vistas - Connecting Our Classrooms to the World

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Kathy Hardesty

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Virtual Vistas - Connecting Our Classrooms to the World

By, Kathy Hardesty
Smith STEM School

Virtual Vistas - Connecting Our Classrooms to the World
What is
Video Conferencing?
Video conferencing is a communication technology that brings together video and audio to connect with people, practically anywhere, around the world as if they are in the same room.
Our Equipment
Where have Smith students gone?
Where is this project headed?
At Smith STEM School, we are hoping to expand and deepen the STEM magnet experience by offering these active learning opportunities to our students.
Where can you find programs?
Request partnerships from classrooms across the U.S. and world to be video pals with us with a specific focus.

Sharing of CCSS and STEM learning.
What do teachers think??
To the Indianpolis Zoo
to see polar bears.
To Billund, Denmark to talk
with a project manager for LEGO NXT
To Otis Elevator Company to talk
with an expert about building safety
To WPI to talk with undergraduate engineering students about tornadoes.
Connecting with a Geologist with 4th grade
Learning about mammals in Kindergarten
Connecting with NASA and learning about the moon,
reduced gravity, Mars, and much more!
My first Video Conference!
Valuable lessons for kids ...
Quest Debate
Class in Spain
What are the benefits?
Some Creative Ideas ...
Mystery Class
Math Class with Charter Oak

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