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How did Women Affect the War of 1812

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Erin Coyne

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of How did Women Affect the War of 1812

How did Women Affect the War of 1812?
British Perspective
Table of Contents
1. Roles in the Camps
2. Roles on Field
3. Famous Women
4. The Sack of York
5. The Burning of the White House
6. Tecumseh
Role's in the Camp
In the Camps women acted as laundresses, seamstresses, and companions to the soldiers.
They also worked as cooks and nursemaids.
They cooked and tended to the wounded
Washed and fixed soldiers uniforms.
Roles on the Field
Famous Women
Women were stationed in Forts and garrisons as servants in high-ranking officers' houses.
When it was necessary, they would go out and fight.
Women would help pass water out to the soldiers.
While the men were away women took their jobs doing war work.
Laura Secord
- Laura overheard the Americans were planning an attack, so in the middle of the night she snuck out and walked 20 miles so she could warn the British.

Lydia B. Bacon - She wrote famous journal entries about her experiences during the war.

The Sack of York -
April, 27, 1813. At dawn, 16 American ships made its way to the capital of Upper Canada, York (Now called Toronto). The Americans suppressed the small group of warriors defending the shore. The American force of around 1700 men easily took control. With the fort defended by a small group of 700 soldiers backed up by a halfhearted militia, the British general, Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe retreated. He left behind the two local militia officers to negotiate the terms of surrender.
- A native amercan leader of the Shawnee. He was known as a brave warrior and fought raids agaisnt the United States. Tecumseh wanted to unite Indian tribes into one Confederacy. Tecumseh's Confederacy allied with the British during the War of 1812. They aided with the capture of Fort Detroit. Eventually American forces killed Tecumseh in the battle of the Thames.
The Burning of the White House
The Burning of the White House -
August, 24, 1814 in Washington, DC an attack between the British and the United States began. British Major Robert Ross went to Washington City and set fire to public buildings such as the White House and the Capitol. The reason for this violence started when the Americans tried to take over York, the British were able to collect new troops and ships to attack the United States.
The Sack of York
By: Erin C, Kate K, Kiana O, Kristen R, Kyra C
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