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Wilderness first aid

No description

Rhys Vance

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Wilderness first aid

Wilderness first aid
What to do when it all goes wrong
First off
Be Prepared
What would you take with you?
“ Outdoor adventurers have an increased responsibility
to be trained in first aid and have relevant skills,
knowledge and equipment to meet their own first aid
needs for extended periods of time.”
Wilderness First Aid
Common first aid scenarios
Weather Interpretations
Weather interpretation involves
being able to evaluate or estimate what the future weather may be like based on
predictions from sources such as the Bureau of Meteorology, National Parks and
Wildlife, the internet and television weather reports.
Natural Signs
ƒthermal blanket ƒadhesive bandages (such as Band-Aids)
ƒantiseptic ƒsting relief spray
ƒcotton wool ƒplastic bags
ƒelastic bandage ƒtweezers
ƒwater purifying tablets ƒdiarrhoea tablets
ƒgloves ƒice pack
ƒparacetamol ƒgauze
ƒtape ƒsplints.
Stings or Bites


In high pressure systems, winds move in an anti-clockwise direction
and dry, relatively cloud free conditions can be expected. the air will sink down from the sky, causing it to warmup, usually creating stable weather conditions.
In low pressure systems,winds move in a clockwise direction. During a low pressure system, the warm air will rise up from the ground. As this air rises, it cools, usually creating clouds and possible rain and unsettled weather.
Most people are capable of looking outside and making a general assessment of weather conditions; for instance dark clouds mean it could rain with possible thunder and lightning. One way of using natural signs to predict weather is by assessing the types of clouds in the sky, as each can be associated with certain types of weather.
Associated Weather
Take notes when watching this video!

There will be a pop quiz after
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