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Tennessee State University

No description

Julia Skirtich

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University

Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology-Master of Science (MS)

Faculty & Research
Number of faculty in program:
Clinical: 11
In classroom: 7
Types of research
Location of TSU
Nashville, Tennessee
Avon Williams Campus
Distance from Cincinnati, OH
Distance from Pittsburgh, PA
Why we selected this program
Applications per Year
Average number of applications/year: 458
Full time applications: 238
Part time applications: 220
Batch admissions
Clincal Practicum
Required to be completed on campus
Based on year of schooling
Specialty Program Features
No postdoctoral oppotunities or opportunities to gain certificate along with degree
What makes TSU different?
Unique qualities?
Thoughts on school overall?
Student Admissions
Graduate students currently enrolled:
Full time- 46
Part time- 55
Total- 101
Students accepted/year: 54
GRE required
Verbal reasoning: 146
Quantitative reasoning: 140
GPA: 3.2-4.0
Average of admitted students: 3.5
Financial Aid
Students who receive aid: 25/55 offered admission
Apply online to become eligable
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