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King Lear

No description

Brianda Ortiz

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of King Lear

King Lear Setting 18th Century (B.C), many locations around England. The Castle of King Lear, Palace of Duke of Albany, and many places near Dover Theme One
Reconciliation: to settle or resolve to oneself to accept. One major event that contributes to the theme of reconciliation is when King Lear realizes that his daughter Cordelia was always there for him. Her love for him was true and she remained devoted to her father/king. An example that made King Lear realize was when Cordelia sent an army to rescue him. Another event that had to do with reconciliation is when Edgar and Edmund (brothers) exchange apologies for everything that happened. (Betrayal) example that made them do this is when Edgar wounded Edmund and after forgiving each other Edmund helps save Lear and Cordelia. Theme Two

Authority vs. Chaos:
This theme is very prominent throughout King Lear. Authority and power clash between family. Due to the fact that Lear is dividing up his kingdom between his daughters, power-hungry quarrels erupt between Goneril and Reagan. Edmund wants to be in Edgar’s place of holding a legitimate title and land. This want of authority between characters creates so much tension that it leads to chaos. It wreaks havoc and things begin to fall apart, war is brewing, knights are gone, the weather is bad, trusted relationships fall apart, and people are back stabbed. This is a big theme because Shakespeare shows family and how greed and selfishness can tear bonds apart. Theme Three
Justice: There is so much dismay and sorrow in King Lear that it leaves the reader wondering whether or not every character truly deserved what they got. Did Lear deserve to go mad and die? Did Cordelia, Edmund, Cornwall, Goneril, or Reagan deserve to die? The reader is also left to question whether or not each character accepted their fate. Kent willingly chose to “follow his master” (pg 45) to the death at the end of the story. Edmund claimed that “the gods are just” and that the “wheel has come full circle (pg 140) because on his deathbed he realized that he deserved everything that he got. Every character seems to have accepted their fates, except for Lear. The tragic hero was left with nothing because of his tragic flaw of putting flattery before honesty. He did not accept his fate, nor Cordelia’s, and blamed everybody for his dismay. Shakespeare’s King Lear is in fact a tragedy, but not all of the character’s ends were rightfully justified. Cordelia- Act, Scene 1

Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave
My heart into my mouth, I love your Majesty
According to my bond; no more no less.
Good my Lord,
You have begot me, bred me, love me; I
Return those duties back as are right fit
Obey you, love you, and most honor you
Why have my sister’s husbands, if they say
They love you all? Haply, when I shall wed,
That lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry
Half my love with him, half my care and duty,
Sure I shall never marry like my sisters,
To love my father all. Soliloquies Soliloquy Analysis

In this short soliloquy by Cordelia she explains her love for her father is no more than nor no less than what a daughter should. The love that Lear has showed is what she gives back to him in return. Her love for her father, she says no words can describe. To say that she would love her own father more than her own husband if she had one isn’t fair, because then what kind of relationship would that be. Act 3 scene 2: Edgar

I heard myself proclaim'd;
And by the happy hollow of a tree
Escap'd the hunt. No port is free; no place
That guard and most unusual vigilance
Does not attend my taking. While I may scape,
I will preserve myself: and am bethought
To take the basest and most poorest shape
That ever penury, in contempt of man,
Brought near to beast: my face I'll grime with filth;
Blanket my loins; elf all my hair in knots;
And with presented nakedness outface
The winds and persecutions of the sky.
The country gives me proof and precedent
Of Bedlam beggars, who, with roaring voices,
Strike in their numb'd and mortified bare arms
Pins, wooden pricks, nails, sprigs of rosemary;
And with this horrible object, from low farms,
Poor pelting villages, sheep-cotes, and mills,
Sometime with lunatic bans, sometime with prayers,
Enforce their charity. — Poor Turlygod! poor Tom!
That's something yet: — Edgar I nothing am. Analysis:

In this scene, Edgar talks about how he will become someone that nobody would suspect him to be, so he became a beggar. He talks about how he will become this beggar, Tom, and no longer be Edgar because it is not safe. Since Edgar is wanted by Gloucester and is unaware of Edmund’s deceit, he leaves his home and becomes a crazed man in disguise. He is willing to do what he has to do in order to find out what has caused this great misery on him. Act 2 Scene 3: Edmund

Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law
My services are bound. Wherefore should I
Stand in the plague of custom, and permit
The curiosity of nations to deprive me,
For that I am some twelve or fourteen moon-shines
Lag of a brother? Why bastard? wherefore base?
When my dimensions are as well compact,
My mind as generous, and my shape as true,
As honest madam's issue? Why brand they us
With base? with baseness? bastardy? base, base?
Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take
More composition and fierce quality
Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed,
Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops,
Got 'tween asleep and wake? Well, then,
Legitimate Edgar, I must have your land:
Our father's love is to the bastard Edmund
As to the legitimate: fine word,--legitimate!
Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed,
And my invention thrive, Edmund the base
Shall top the legitimate. I grow; I prosper:
Now, gods, stand up for bastards! Analysis:
In this soliloquy, Edmund talks about why he should be just as equal as Edgar. The only difference between them is that Edgar is older and legitimate, while Edmund is a bastard. This does not make them equal in nobility and, being the sons of Gloucester, would leave Edgar with all of the inheritance and Edmund with nothing. From his soliloquy, we learn how Edmund really feels about his brother, Edgar and how jealous he really is. The jealousy leads Edmund to betray his own father and brother in hopes of becoming more powerful than them Gloucester (Earl and trusted adviser of King Lear Kent, Earl and loyal servant of King Lear Gloucester Introduces his son to Kent. Edmund (the Bastard child) Cordelia Regan Goneril King Lear King Lear summoned his daughters to equally divide the kingdom. He played the "I'm old card". Wrinkles Cane King Lear became very needy and wanted to hear his daughters feelings towards him. TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!! Goneril was a kiss a**. I love you, like, a lot!!! So was Regan. But I love you, like, more than that. But Cordelia was honest and very sincere about her answer. I cannot exactly express myself like that. My actions should speak for themselves. King Lear became upset and disowned her as his daughter. Y U NO
LOVE ME?! Kent tried to advise the King the mistake he just made. Your banished, too France is like "YAY! An honest woman!" Burgundy is like, "whoa...I got to go..." The sisters and their husbands celebrated but there was a catch, each had to house the King for one month. Albany Cornwall Edmund shows a little anger toward being a bastard son. I'm going to get what's mine! Regan and Goneril make a comprimise to make sure the King does not stay in power much longer. Edmund forges a letter from "Edgar" saying he plans to kill their father, Gloucester Letter I don't know anything about it. what..? Gloucester reads and becomes confused and morose. Edgar Edgar shows up since Edmund is trying to convince him someone is going after Edgar. He gives him weapons and armor for "protection" and sends him to his room. I'll protect you! Stop being nice to my father! Okay! Oswald (head servant) Kent comes back in disguise asking to be a servant. Take me... The fool makes fun of his decision towards Cordelia. Goneril and King Lear argue about how she is mistreating him. Stop it! Albany and Goneril come together as associates to make sure King Lear is helpless. Letter to Regan The fool and King lear head for Regan's home in search of peace. Nay! Regan and Cornwall head to Gloucester's home for advice. Edgar runs away from advice from Edmund. Edmund wounds himself for security. Edmund shows his father, who in return, promises to punish Edgar once held captive. Blood Regan and Cornwall try to convince Gloucester of King lear and his mood swings. Kent comes up to Oswald, (he is angry with him because of the way he treated the King) BAM! Cornwall orders him to the stocks but Gloucester knows that is a mistake. As Kent sleeps, Gloucester reads a letter by Cordelia expressing her sadness towards the King's sufferings. Edgar decides to have a disguise as a crazy beggar and roam the town to find his foe. King Lear was very unhappy seeing disguised Kent in the stocks. Gloucester tries to calm the king down but he is furious. The King begs Regan to let him stay but Regan is unsure. PLEASE?! He explodes on Regan cursing and promising bad things her way. Both daughters pile up on him deciding on the number of soldiers he can possess and how he would live. The King and his fool walk out in a bad storm, not knowing where to go. Cornwall and Edmund become trustees and very loyal towards each other and both are now against Gloucester. Kent gives a ring and money to a servant to give to Cordelia to express the wrong doings. They split directions. King Lear is slowly going insane as the fool tries to cheer him up in the woods. Kent finds the King and suggests a hut to stay inside during the storm. Lear prays to the gods before he goes inside Gloucester wants to help Lear and Edmund is putting together a plan to trap him. Gloucester run inside the hut to move the King into Dover. Kent and the King find an old beggar (Edgar) in the hut without hardly clothes on. King Lear is interested in Edgar's crazy philosophies. He wants to stay and listen for a bit. Edmund and Cornwall find a letter tha the French will attack so they work together. Gloucester is very thankful towards Kent and now trusts him. King Lear and Edgar play a mock trial for his daughters and their crimes. The King is finally put to sleep but Gloucester explains he needs to move NOW! A carriage was waiting. Regan and Goneril express their anger and want something done. Cornwall is trying to settle them down. Goneril and Edmund leave together and start the "love affair". They toss him out of his house with no help after gouging out his eyes.
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