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The different teams in the league

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ward wijngaert

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of The different teams in the league

Every EU country has its representation.
Spain is represented by Anna Barain - President of FEEC and Ass. of Navarra
They have 1 yearly reunion around Europe, 2015 was in Girona @ Girocamping.
Their principal issues are to discuss national legal problems, european products like Camping Key Europe and interchange strategies, opinions, ways of thinking and latest innovations.
The Spanish Federation has 1 employee and a national direction board composed by different members of every region in Spain.

Pro: National lobby towards the Federal Government. Main issues are IBI, electricity charge and coast line law.
Contra: The differences of opinion pushed Girona, Tarragona, Castellón & València to abandon the organization.

Headquarter at PIMEC Barcelona, but the technical office is in Girona. President is Miquel Gotanegra, president of the Ass. of Girona.

Nowadays purely lobbing with different issues:
Bad connectivity for mobile and internet
Natural park directions
Possible increase of the Tourism Tax
Fleed danger
Achieved goals so far:
International categories with stars
Tourism tax recovering
Legalization for the Motor home Parking
Girona's Campsite Association
Because this is the biggest association in Spain, it's also the most active one because of its budget.
Actually 5 employees and 11 members of the direction board who meet every month, sometimes 2 a month.
The reason for our member's membership are very different: Legal reasons, Promotion reasons, Commercial reasons, etc.

But what do you get for your money?
The different teams in the league
Organizations and institutions in the camping world

The Camping world in Europe
European Federation of Camping Organizations & Holiday Park Associations
Federación Española de Empresarios de Camping
Federació Catalana de Càmpings
Associació de de Càmpings de Girona
The Campsite Association of Girona
Any campsite who delivers a tourist service can be part of its local association to be represented in the superior organization. This excludes campsites for residential proposes.
EFCO&HPA is the representative body of the camping and caravanning industry at the European level, including caravans, tents, motor homes, chalets and all forms of self-catering accommodation in the park setting. Membership is made up of the national trade associations of 23 European countries.
EFCO & HPA's first and main objective is to promote and defend the interests of the industry through representation to the European Authorities (Council, Commission, and Parliament). Our aim is to ensure that the interests of the sector are understood and taken into account in the important European decision making process, enabling the continuing viable operation of the industry.

This is the official Spanish campsite federation where you can only take part as an local association.
The headquarter is in Madrid and their main goals are to promote the Spanish campsites and practise national lobby.
The Catalan campsite federation disappeared 10 years ago and was reborn in 2012. Before it had the same goals as FEEC, but nowadays it only works as a lobby instrument towards the Catalan Government. There are no employees involved and the management is done by different members of local associations. The members are Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and Catalan Pyrenees. Barcelona doesn't take part in the Catalan Federation.
The Campsite Association of Girona is the legal representative of the campsites of the region Girona. This is the basic entrance for a campsite to all the superior administration. Every touristic campsite can be member of this association due the payment of the yearly membership. The main goal is to increase the level of quality of the campsites trough 5 different services:
Promotion: To give the small campsites the option to international promotion.
Commercial agreements: This is how we try to regulated the price market.
Legal consultancy: Hereby we inform our members about all the latest legal changes, which can often be very unclear.
Professional training: We give our members the possibility to train their employees in any specific way, as we also train future campsite employees in academic ways.

This basic stone in the camping organization pyramid
The Governmental institutions in the tourism world
As a campsite you have different options to collaborate and work with bigger institutions.
This is Spanish Governmental tourism promotion institution. Their goal is to promote Spain as a tourism destination around the world. They have offices (OET's) in most of the civilized countries.

Their services:
Edition of tourism brochures
Edition of market researches and statistics
Professional contact in origin of the market.
Fairs and show
www.tourspain.es (professionals)
www.spain.info (tourists)
Agència Catalana de Turisme - ACT
The Catalan Tourism Agency is a bigger organization than its Spanish sister because of the tourism competence is property of the Catalan Government. They have to regulate the whole tourism sector in Catalonia, inspect the tourism business, charge the Tourist Tax, promote Catalonia as a tourism destination and develop statistics.

Services for a campsite: the same as Turespaña + professional workshops a "Buy Catalonia"
Pro's: More effective than Turespaña
Cheaper than Turespaña
They work with product clubs.

Contra's: Still a public administration company
Not as good represented as Spain (in number of countries)

Patronat de Turisme
Costa Brava - Girona
The local tourism promotion service in Girona with promotion manager Jaume Marín (Prof at UdG). This organization is semi public/semi private.

Services: the same of ACT + professional training.

The most specific promotion for us because of the geographic proximity
Easy collaboration because of the geografic proximity
The work with product clubs as ACT
http://www.act.cat (Professionals)
http://www.catalunya.com (Tourist)
Web: www.costabrava.org
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