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Kelp Forest

No description

Aidan 5J

on 22 December 2017

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Transcript of Kelp Forest

Kelp Forest:
One of the most amazing and dense ecosystems.
Let's explore this ecosystem...

Kelp Forest

Human Interference
Food chain
Visual Presentation
This was a short video about what the kelp looked like. Hope you enjoyed the music and the cool experience!

These animals include...
More than 100 speices of Rockfish (To many to list)
Sea Urchins
Bristle Worm
Sea Dragons
Sea Otters
White Sea Dolphins
Sea Stars
Grey Whale
This is the food chain.

The kelp forest is usually present on a continental shelf. It is found near the coastlines of every continent but Antarctica.

This below is a diagram explaining the slope

Kelp forests are found in the temperate and tropical zones. They are along many rocky shores around the world. In 2007, kelp forests were first discovered in Ecuador.

Bull Kelp
Sea Urchins
Asian Kelp
Hard bottom Invertebrates
and more
The dark blue marks the location of the kelp forests.
These plants include...
The kelp forest is full of life, including plant life. They thrive in this environment.
Many animals live in this ecosystem.
to the next.
passed from each animal
It shows the energy being
Aidan Grohman
Katherine Gu
Maxwell Zhao
Elizabeth Nuemyer
The teamwork of...
Fun Fact!
Many animals like to hide in the kelp forest.
We are here, ask us any kelp forest questions!
When people are fishing, motor boats' propellors cut the important parts of the kelp that pull the kelp off the ground!
So much
fish, yum!
Humans can destroy ecosystems. This includes the kelp forests.
This harms the kelp forests but we
can stop using harmful things and use
different things to fish. This way, we will save kelp forests.
(Duh, he's not really a cat.)
And.....special thanks to our wonderful
teacher Mrs. Santoro who inspired us with many prezi ideas. Thank ou so much!

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