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Slumdog Millionaire: Destiny as the driving force?

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Mariel Brandmayr

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Slumdog Millionaire: Destiny as the driving force?

Slumdog Millionaire: Destiny as the driving force?
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Plot summary concerning the "Hero's Journey
2.1 Difficulties
3. Main focus
Indian society is traditionally structured in specific groups, the so-called castes
caste system builds the basis for the social regime in India
a group outside this system emerged, called the Untouchables
members of this lowermost Varna live in poverty and have little or no chance of education but they accept their fate without complaining
hard to climb the social ladder

Relation to "Slumdog Millionaire" ?
Jamal K. Malik is a member of the Untouchable caste
He, his older brother Salim and Latika were born in Dharavi, the biggest slum in Asia, located in the centre of Mumbai
Jamal spends much of his childhood struggling to survive
however he wins the quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and moves up though the social classes
Was Jamal's belief in his destiny his driving force, or was it a series of events, which were out of his control, that were responsible for his fate ?
Wins the girl of his dreams
and a tremendous amount of money
2. Plot summary concerning the "Hero's journey"
1. Comforts of Normalcy
grow up in the slum, play cricket, go to school
4. Call to Adventure
Maman's camp
5. The first Step
Jumping on the moving train
Siblings leave Mumbai, their journey officially begins
6. Deepening Motivation
meets one of Maman's blinded beggars
Salim shoots Maman
looses Latika again
3. Separation from Normalcy
assassination of Jamal's mother
7. Supreme Motivation
brotherly love for Latika has turned into romantic love
he will risk everything for her
Salim takes Latika away from the station
2. Problems in Normalcy
Salim locks Jamal in the latrine
He sells Jamal's autograph
8. Overcoming the ultimate obstacle
Salim is the one who always kept Latika away from Jamal
As Salim sees him on TV he knows that Jamal will never give up
9. Achieving the goal
Jamal and Latika finally meet at the station
The movie ends before we can witness Jamal's act of return to his new normalcy
2.1 Difficulties
Hero's journey on the Internet:
Jamal separates from his normalcy by taking part in the show
Achieving the goal: Winning the quiz show
didn't follow a chronology
refers to money and the quiz show
Jamal doesn't care about money
loss of the mother is of great importance (separation of normalcy)
chronological structure (child-teenager-adult)

My analysis of the hero's journey refers to Latika, which also matches with my focus.
3. Main focus
Destiny as the driving force?
1. Definition of "destiny"
something to which a person or thing is destined
a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency
2. Consideration
Danny Boyle on destiny in Slumdog Millionaire: "He believes that it is his destiny to find this girl and that they will be together"
Latika is his destiny
"Jamal is shaping his destiny"
4. Comparison to the novel "Q&A"
Ram Mohammad Thomas
Jamal K. Malik
gets to know Nita when he's nearly grown up
get to know each other when they are little kids
needs to pay for her release from prostitution
belief in destiny is a serious motivation force
"destiny" isn't mentioned in any conversation
Jamal: "It's our destiny"
book is about luck and the fact that you create your own luck
Ram never expected help from a higher instance
never gave up his belief in his destiny
shapes his own destiny
chronological narrative structure
brothers story and a love story
stories meant to be individual episodes
story doesn't depend on the novel's context
5. Conclusion
"Der Ziellose erleidet sein Schicksal - der Zielbewusste gestaltet es."
- Jamal only pursued one goal:
being together with Latika
shapes his own destiny
- he makes resolutions that are unlimited by external circumstances
- however there are times, when he has
no influence
on the events
- end of the movie is Jamal's destiny
his belief in his destiny to be together with Latika is his driving force
the way he achieves his destiny though is a mixture of Jamal, who shapes his destiny and other events he has no influence on
Situations where his brother influenced Jamal's destiny
a) Camp scene
b) Apartment scene
c) Station scene
d)Escape scene
Jamal is about to be blinded
Salim saves Jamal by influencing his destiny
just managed to flee from Maman
describes the beginning of their love story
Salim returns and kicks Jamal out of the apartment
he influences Jamal's destiny in a bad way
Jamal waits for Latika at the VT
Salim separates Latika once again from Jamal
again influences Jamal's life
Salim finally realizes that Jamal will always stick to his strong will to find her
he enables Latika to escape
Salim allows that destiny can happen to Jamal
Situations where Jamal shapes his own destiny
f) First meeting
driven by compassion Jamal offers a lonely little girl shelter
later on he believes that he is destined to be together with her
g) Brothel scene
Jamal decides to return to Mumbai because of Latika
driven by his belief in his destiny he starts his search of Latika and finally finds her in a brothel
Salim shoots Maman dead (Jamal has no influence on the events)
turning point
in the relationship between Jamal and Salim
- Salim turns into the bad guy and consequently has a bad impact on Jamal's destiny
h) Reunion scene
eight years have passed since Jamal saw Latika the last time
Jamal decides to secretly follow Salim, who leads him to Latika's house
shows, that Jamal is driven by his love and his belief that he is destined to be together with her
Jamal notices that Latika is watching the quiz show, which is important for the approaching events
i) The quiz show
enters the show in order to get Latika's attention
chance of winning and consequently escaping their life in poverty and gaining freedom
4. Comparison to the novel "Q&A"
5. Conclusion
Other influences on Jamal's destiny
e) Toilette scene
Prem tells Jamal how he has become a millionaire overnight
he doesn't want Jamal to take his unique career away from him
tries to shape Jamal's destiny but he fails
Sequential Analysis
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