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Emirates Strategy

No description

Ahmed Assad

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Emirates Strategy

Ahmed Assad
Emirates Marketing Strategy
Market Strategy

- Single market strategy
Description: Concentration on family market segment
Objective: Differentiate from competitors, exploit market potential
Expected results: Increased awareness, and market share
Marketing Mix Strategy
-Repositioning Strategy
Description: Repositioning among existing and new customers from travel to lifestyle brand
Objective: differentiate from competitors, react to changing consumer preferences
Expected results: enhancing sales, market share and profitability
Available at every online and offline outlet.
Low price and high quality over the short term will increase brand selection over competitors at a majority of online and offline outlets.
Expected result – increased sales and market share and brand loyalty.

Due to strong competition position & Industry still in growth stage.
Aggressively pursue larger market share & grow volume and share faster than competition in the Australian market.
Available resources and proven risk management ability
Expected results: Significant increase in market share that can be sustained long term.
REDUCING THE PRICE – only short term to encourage trial.
Objective – to act offensively to beat competition.
Financially and competitively strong fight a price war.
Expected results – higher market share and long term customer retainment after trial.
First child ticket half price, all children under three are free (objective, expected results)
Goal and Objectives
To become the number one airline for families traveling from Australia for leisure by 2015 (3 years) which will assist Emirates with global goal to become number one airline in world by 2017 (5 years)
Operational: Through the development of new technical partnerships, enhance Emirates’ services by introducing one new advanced technology or facility every second year
Profitability: Increase profit margin by 5% each year
Market-share: Through Emirates’ new partnership with Qantas, increase number of flights from Australia by 15% within three year period
Promotional: Through an extensive marketing campaign (representing 5% of total budget), increase consumer awareness of Emirates Airline, emphasizing their points of difference by 40% within three year period
Target: Introduce new pricing reward system to encourage increased family patronage by 15% over the three year period
Market scope
Market geography
-International market strategy
Description: Operating outside national boundaries
Objective: Seek opportunities beyond domestic business
Expected results: Increased growth, market share, profits
Product Strategy
Media Mix Strategy:
Description: Integrated program consisting of:
Traditional TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor Signage , Transit
Online: Website, Blog
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

To adequately blend all media promotions for a balanced promotional perspective of the brand and its offer

Expected results:
All forms of promotions compliment each other to provide the best communication Emirates and its offer
Move customers from unaware to aware
Combination of inventory and attitudinal approach
Create awareness of Emirates brand and its areas of excellence through both rational and emotional appeals
Positively alter perception of brand
Increase sales

Increase awareness of airline
To transmit desired message (brand and offer) to target market
Encourage product trail through family package offer

Expected results:
Intended message received and acted upon
Increased patronage from Australia
Advertising Copy:
Promotion example
Alison Studholme
Sonja Knobloch
Joshua Watt
Promotion Strategy
-Promotion-expenditure strategy:
Objective: increase from 3% total spend to 5%
Promotion Strategy
Objective: Promote Emirates as a Lifestyle brand

Expected Result: Change Emirates image from just ‘service' to a lifestyle brand. We are hoping to be the number one airline brand in the world.
Suzana Ilievska
Core Strategy:
Measure the cost of providing service and maintaining customer loyalty
Strategic thrust - GROW FAST
To measure service provided to ensure it continues to meet and enhance customer experience; improve level of service to become more sustainably efficient
Maintain and build loyalty with existing and new customers
Perceptual and positioning maps
Current & targeted positioning maps
Product offering
Value for money
lifestyle Brand
Airline Brand
Current Positioning Map
Future Positioning Map
Current Perceptual Map
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