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Vocab quiz show

No description

Rachel Gerstenberger

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Vocab quiz show

by: Rachel Gerstenberger #9 Quiz Show!! Thanks for watching!! I hope you learned something new!! After your long day, you decide to play a computer game. Sadly, your little brother just explored scissors. He cuts through the computer cord. Not just the cord, he cuts off the ______. Say you are holding a golf ball with only two fingers. When you drop it, it will have what type of energy. You are in the car with your parents. As you are riding, you realize the car has more energy than, kinetic and electrical energy. What other energy does a car/vehicle have? Hint: Without the "ical", this is a person who works on your car As you walk down your driveway to get the mail, you have ______ energy. For example, when an explosive goes off, it has this type of energy. I need to find my way through the maze!! Can you help me? Just answer these questions. Moving on, Let's say you turn on your TV. You are using me. What am I? If you guessed chemical energy, you are way off! Retrace your steps and turn the other way. For example, you are walking. You have kinetic _________. The answer is energy!! I hope you got it right! Good luck! Let's start the maze!! :) The answer is electrical energy!! You are correct! Now you put on some socks because you are cold. You shuffle your feet on the carpet. You tap mom to ask her something. Yet, you shock her. What type of energy do I have? Guess what? The answer is static energy! I hope you got it right! It's summer now, you turn on the fan. The fan is an example of a _________. Fill in the blank. The answer is... Electric Motor!! Hint: Can you return the explosive back to what it was before? The answer is, chemical energy!! Did you get it right? Yes No Thumbs up Thumbs down Look on your ceiling, see any lights? If so, those are examples of ______ substances. The answer is, electromagnetic!! Hint: You are moving. You have kinetic energy!! Tip: Whatever is moving, has kinetic energy. The answer is... Drum roll please... On the next slide!! Mechanical energy!! Besides kinetic energy And the answer is... Potential energy!! If you live/lived up North, you might have to use a ______, to use electricity. Usually if there is a power outage. If you guessed generator, you are wrong. Just kidding!! You would be right! You would be correct if you guessed electric current!! I hope you remember my tips for the test!
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