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Autonomous building: The Ark

Российскими архитекторами разработан оригинальный проект сейсмоустойчивого здания с замкнутым экологическим и энергетическим циклами. Проект был разработан с учетом опыта программы "Архитектура катастроф" Международного союза архитекторов и номинирован на

Alina Zakirova

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Autonomous building: The Ark

Autonomous Building Techniques The Ark Support systems Advantages a disadvantages -independent from infrastructural support
-reduce environmental impacts
-increase security
-lower costs of ownership
-safer and more comfortable
-include some degree of sustainability Autonomous Building Techniques Support systems Advantages and disadvantages About the project Single energy system Team: Alexander Remizov – architect,
Lev Britvin – energy solutions

The design work theme: environment
Main use: hotel, housing

Site area: 4500 m2
Building floor area: 2,900 m2
Total floor area: 14,000 m2 Bioclimatic implementation Planting of greenery Building process and construction Thank you for your attention! Building process and construction Single energy system Bioclimatic implementation Planting of greenery About the project -special foil (ETFE) -special metal profiles -timber arches -engineering communications -steel ropes
-prefabricated frame -creation of an air-eddy -photoelectric cells
-agglomeration of the warmed air -seasonal heat accumulator
-electric and hydrogen accumulators -earth or water
-flooding areas
-seismic dangerous zones
-extreme conditions
-removal of life support networks -compatibility
-efficiency of oxygen
producing -illumination
-attractive and
comfortable space Principles of -independent from
infrastructural support
-reduce environmental
-lower costs of ownership
-sustainable -independent, but partly
-problems with social
-must be custom-built
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