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Asia Roberson

No description

lib hist

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Asia Roberson

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It is one of the four junior enlisted ranks in the U.S Army, above private first class and equivalent in pay gradeto croporal.
What was your soldier's job in the military?
McCloughan job in the military was "21 Infantry".
What president awarded your soldier?
Donald Trump awarded McCloughan ,James C.
3 Facts on McCloughan ,James C.
He ran through a dangerous battle to save his comrades

What year did your soldier get rewarded with the Medal Of Honor?
McCloughan got rewarded with the Medal Of Honor in July 31,2017.
What war did your soldier fight in?
Here are
some extra assets :
Asia Roberson
Where was your soldier born?
Soldier McCloughan ,James C. was born in April 30,1946
South Haven ,MI.
What was your soldier's rank?
McCloughan was ranked in the "Specialist Fifth Class".
What is a "Specialist Fifth Class"
What is "21 Infantry"
21 Infantry is the 1st and 3rd battaloins of the 21 currently exsit as part of the 25th Infantry Division.
McCloughan ,James C. had fought the Vietnam War.
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