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Gilgamesh Vocabulary

No description

Laurel Mueller

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Gilgamesh Vocabulary

tocsin (n.): an alarm bell r the ringing of it

context: Gilgamesh rings the tocsin to alarm his people for amusement

sentence: The town had a tocsin to alert them to impending danger.
tocsin (noun)
extol (verb)
extol (verb): to praise highly, laud or glorify

context: The Uruk would extol Gilgamesh's great strength.

sentence: It is right that we should extol our Lord, for his mercies are great.
foray (noun)
lament (verb/noun)
lament (v.): to express sorrow, mourning, regret, or grief.

context: Gilgamesh treated the Uruk badly enough, he caused them to lament.

sentence: The people would lament the treatment they experienced at the tragedy.
English 9- Mueller
Gilgamesh Vocabulary
foray (n.): a quick raid for the purpose of taking plunder

context: Cities were walled in the past to decrease the chances of a foray

sentence: The Vikings made a foray into the village before dawn.
foundling (noun)
definition (n.): an infant that has been abandoned by its parents and is discovered and cared for by others
sentence: The foundling had been abandoned in the
woods and was discovered by a hunter.
garrison (noun)
definition (n.): the troops stationed in a fortress or town to defend it
sentence: The garrison was stationed beside the river, as they knew the attack must come by boat.
sluices (noun)
definition: an artificial passage for water (as in
a millstream)

context: The Uruk people would have built sluices
to control the flow of water.

sentence: The sluices directed
water into the city.
libation (noun)
definition : a liquid that is poured out to honor a god
context: Gilgamesh poured a libation to win the
favor of Shamash.

sentence: Gilgamesh poured
a libation to win the
favor of Shamash.
deluge (noun)
definition: a situation in which a large area of land becomes completely covered with water

context: Gilgamesh goes in search of Utnapishtim, whom the gods took after the deluge.

sentence: There is also a Bilical
account of a mighty deluge.
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