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Sean Wolfe

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Fishing

Up the Creek with Coho Salmon
Sean Wolfe and Spencer Coon
Thank You!
"We are in the situation where 40 years down the line we, effectively, are out of fish." Pavan Sukhdev, UN Environment Program
"One in five people on this planet depends on fish as the primary source of protein." - Food and Agricultural Association
Fish are the main source of food for 1.4 Billion people

Not only are fish paramount to the survival of over 20% of the human population; without them the entire ecosystem would collapse

The Importance of Salmon
Coho Salmon and their Life Cycle
Keystone Species

Surrounding ecosystem dependent upon their survival
Coho Salmon and their Life Cycle
The 4 H's
Hatcheries (offshore)
Refers to the commercial, recreational and tribal fishing of salmon

Overfishing has led to record low salmon populations everywhere that they are caught

Government regulations don't prevent overfishing
- In Canada when 8 million salmon returned to spawn, the government still allowed 7.3 million to be caught

Commercial Hatcheries (Fish Farms)
Difference between commercial hatcheries (fish farms) and normal fish hatcheries

Fish Farms originally intended to help preserve wild salmon populations have done more harm than good

Fish farms breed weaker fish as a result of interbreeding

When farm fish are introduced into the wild, so is the weaker gene
Coho Salmon and their Life Cycle
Coho Salmon and their Life Cycle
Drought Threatening Coho with Extinction
Coho Salmon and their Life Cycle
Potentially block access to salmons' habitats

Dams may also cause changes to water flows and temperatures that can devastate local populations.

With proper modifications dams and salmon can co-exist
Even small disturbances can make a big difference since spawning is highly sensitive to things like increased sedimentation

Logging, agricultural practices, trash dumping and oil spills all contribute to poor water quality.
Coho Salmon and their Life Cycle
Adult and Spawning Adult
Prevention of Decline
On Shore Hatcheries
PIT Tagging
Environmental Simulations
Environmental Regulation
Fishing Legislation
Prevention of Decline
Being a volunteer at the Don Clausen Fish Hatchery...
Job Outlook
Jobs in the field of biological preservation vary far and wide

As the number of species facing extinction increase, so do the number of jobs needed to protect them

In particular government jobs
Full Employment at a Fish Hatchery
Employment at a hatchery is same as employment at any full time jobs

5 days a week, 8 hours a day

A degree in fisheries science is required for a managerial position

Median Job salary of a hatchery manager is around $75,000 a year

Sometimes employees will choose to live on site
Clean Water Act (1972)

Endangered Species Act (1973)

Northwest Power Act (1980)

Pacific Salmon Treaty (1985)

Fish Ladder at Purrington Creek and Graton Road

Russian River Fishing Shutdown
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